Diddy Kong Racing [Model NUS-NDYE-USA]

Nintendo 64 cart. published 26 years ago by Nintendo of America, Inc.

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Diddy Kong Racing © 1997 Nintendo of America, Incorporated.

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Box ID: NUS-006(USA)


Diddy Kong Racing was released on November 14, 1997 in North America.

Developed by Rare, Diddy Kong Racing wasn't originally going to star Diddy Kong, and was originally a game called Pro AM 64 (in reference to Rare's NES hit R.C. Pro-AM, an unused logo can be found on the game's code). It wasn't until a demo of the game was presented to Shigeru Miyamoto that he suggested Diddy be the mascot of the game.

An unused character selection song suggests that Taj was going to be a playable character in the game. The track is played with sitar strings which are associated with that character. Taj would later become a playable character in "Diddy Kong Racing DS".

Diddy Kong Racing won the Console Racing Award at the 1998 Interactive Achievement Awards and also won Best Console Game of the Year 1998 by Scandinavian Game Review.

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* Magic Codes are game cheats, always accessible in the options menu. These cheats alter mostly alter only the tracks mode rather than the Adventure mode, while some others do miscellaneous tasks such as allowing players to listen to music in the game. At the end of the game credits, a random magic code is given to players. Here is a complete list of all codes.
(MAGIC CODE: Description)
ARNOLD: Large players.
BLABBERMOUTH: Changes horn sounds into character sounds.
BODYARMOR: All balloons are yellow.
BOGUSBANANAS: Bananas slow players down.
BOMBSAWAY: All balloons are red.
BYEBYEBALLOONS: Balloons are disabled.
DODGYROMMER: Displays ROM Checksum.
DOUBLEVISION: Multiple players can be the same character.
EPC: EPC lockup display.
FREEFORALL: Fully powered-up balloons.
FREEFRUIT: Players start with ten bananas.
JOINTVENTURE: The second player joins Adventure mode.
JUKEBOX: Adds Music Test to audio menu.
NOYELLOWSTUFF: No bananas in Tracks mode.
OFFROAD: Four-wheel drive.
OPPOSITESATTRACT: All balloons are rainbows.
ROCKETFUEL: All balloons are blue.
TEENYWEENIES: Small players.
TIMETOLOSE: CPUs are harder.
TOXICOFFENDER: All balloons are green.
VITAMINB: Unlimited bananas.
WHODIDTHIS: Players can view credits.
ZAPTHEZIPPERS: Disables zippers.

* THE SECOND ADVENTURE: To play the second adventure, get to the space world and beat wiz-pig again. You will now receive the option 'ADVENTURE 2'. In here, you must collect platinum balloons and all of the tracks will be reversed.

- Get Drumstick: Get all of the amulets and all of the trophies. Get to the place that you begin and find the frog with feathers. Honk to him and you'll receive Drumstick in return!
- Get T.T.: Beat his personal best time on all of the time trial tracks to get T.T. the time clock.

* FIND THE FIFTH SECRET WORLD: Get all of the amulets and trophies. Then go in front of the light house and honk at it. It will turn into a rocket and take you to the fifth world!


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