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Diamonds & Roses [Super Reel Jackpots]

Slot Machine published 11 years ago by Bally Tech., Inc.

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Diamonds & Roses [Super Reel Jackpots] © 2009 Bally Tech., Incorporated.

7 Reels, 50 Lines, 150 Credits Max Bet.


Software Part Number: AVGSJDR017UI-00

Game Kit #154944 ALPHA Widescreen M9000
Game Kit #153022 ALPHA Elite V20
Game Kit #153030 ALPHA Elite V20−20
Game Kit #153033 CineVision

Topper Part Number: C765-00352-SRJP
Topper Description: SUPER REEL JACKPOTS

Denominations Available (Single Denomination): 1¢, 2¢, 3¢, 5¢, 10¢, 15¢, 20¢, 25¢, 50¢, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100


SMI #Y1219
Min/Max%: 80.47%/85.01%

SMI #Y1220
Min/Max%: 83.42%/87.97%

SMI #Y1221
Min/Max%: 85.57%/90.11%

SMI #Y1222
Min/Max%: 87.49%/92.04%

SMI #Y1223
Min/Max%: 89.51%/94.05%

SMI #Y1224
Min/Max%: 91.49%/96.04%


* Super Fourth Reel Bonuses:
10x multiplier pays ten times the winning combination.
5x multiplier pays five times the winning combination.
3x multiplier pays three times the winning combination.
2x multiplier pays two times the winning combination.
Pay + 10 pays ten times the line bet plus the winning combination.


* Super Reel Progressive Feature:
– Eight Level Internal / External Progressive
– The Red Super Reel contains Bonus symbols that award Progressive Jackpots. When three Progressive symbols appear with one of four Progressive Awards, the corresponding Progressive is won as follows:
-- Three Progressive symbol + Bronze awards Level 1 Jackpot.
--- Level 1 is 1,000 Credits x Max Bet x Denomination.
-- Three Progressive symbol + Silver awards Level 2 Jackpot.
--- Level 2 is 5,000 Credits x Max Bet x Denomination.
-- Three Progressive symbol + Gold awards Level 3 Jackpot.
--- Level 3 is 10,000 Credits x Max Bet x Denomination.
-- Three Progressive symbol + Platinum awards Level 4 Jackpot.
--- Level 4 is 100,000 Credits x Max Bet x Denomination.
– Top Award is 100,000 Credits x Denomination x Max Bet; occurs every 40,370 plays with 50 lines played.
– Progressives are won left to right and right to left; lines 1–25 pays one of four Progressives left to right; lines 26–50 pay one of four Progressives right to left.
– Player must bet max to be eligible for the Progressive.

* Free Games Feature: Occurs on average every 75 plays.
– Free Games appearing on or within one position of the center payline on the Fourth Reel awards the Free Games Bonus Feature. To begin the Bonus Feature, select a ? from a grid of 20 tiles. Continue selecting until you have matched three outcomes.
25 Free Games at 3x pay.
15 Free Games at 2x pay.
10 Free Games at 2x pay.
11 Free Games at 2x pay.
7 Free Games at 2x pay.
5 Free Games at 2x pay.
– In addition to the above options, there is also a Free Games Wild that will count toward the match of three and award five more Free Games.
– The Free Games reels differ from the base game reels, and the Progressives are not available during the Free Games Bonus.

* Overall Hit Frequency: 40.65%

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