Diabetes Educator + Hypertension Educator

HP-85 disk. published by Medical Logic International

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Diabetes Educator + Hypertension Educator © 198? Medical Logic International

Ia DIET RECALL -- The user enters the patient's age, height, weight, body habi-tus, activity level, gender and pregnancy/lactation status. A one-day caloric goal and an ideal distribution of calories, protein, fat and carbo-hydrate are displayed and printed. If actual weight diverges seven percent from target weight, the caloric goal is adjusted to direct the subject toward normalcy. The previous day's entire caloric consumption is entered --food by food, quantity by quantity. When complete, the display shows actual consumption versus goal and projects weight, one year hence. Recommended changes in protein, fat and carbohydrate are printed for home study.

Ib DIABETES EDUCATION -- Five subsets of instruction are displayed. The user selects one. Singularly, a series of 10 to 41 pertinent questions (112 total) are displayed; each accompanied by its proper answer. The user in-terrogates the patient and inputs correctness of the response. Questioning contiunes until seven incorrect answers occur. A simple, instructional declarative statement is made for each missed question and printed. Ana-logies are used as needed for clarity; narrative is set to the 4th grade level; medical terms are avoided.

IIa HYPERTENSION EDUCATION -- Identical concept as in I-b with 38 questions used.

IIb HYPERTENSION TRIAGE -- The user inputs present blood pressure, patient age, visit number and medication use. The display instructs if, and/or when, physician referral should occur.


HP Series 80 Software Catalog (January 1982.)