Devil's Dare [Model 670]

Pinball published 40 years ago by Gottlieb, D.

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Devil's Dare © 1982 Gottlieb.


Gottlieb System 80A
[Model 670]


Released in August 1982.

First System 80A game. 3,832 units were produced.


Kicking Rubbers : 30 points.
Ten point switches : 10 points.
Pop Bumper (Lit) : 3,000 points (3-ball) or 300 points (5-ball).
Pop Bumper (Unlit) : 1,000 points (3-ball) or 100 point (5-ball).
Left outlane : 5,000 points.
Right outlane : 10,000 points.
Return lanes : 3,000 points lit or 500 point unlit.
Spinners : 2,000 points lit or 300 points unlit.
Left side spot targets : 2,000 points each.
Rollunder : 5,000 points.
Top spot target bank : 2,000 points when lit or 500 points when unlit or flashing.
Right spot target bank : 2,000 points when lit or 500 point when flashing.
Drop target banks : 2,000 points lit or 300 points unlit.
Capture cave/pit : 5,000 points.

In single ball play nothing accumulates on the bonus display. When ball drains after non-multi-ball, the player receives bonus times multiplier.

If a player achieves multi-ball, the multi-mode bonus display, starts accumulating points at the rate of 1,000 times the number of balls, on the table, if two or more balls are present. The targets that give these points are the drop targets and the two sets of four sport targets.


Design by : Tom Szafransky
Art by : David Moore, Doug Watson


Game's ROM.