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Destruction Derby Raw [Model SCES-02060]

Sony PlayStation game published 20 years ago by Psygnosis

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Destruction Derby Raw © 2000 Psygnosis, Ltd.

Following hot on the tracks of the first two Destruction Derby's, Raw is set to take you to another level of mayhem. With more cars and more challenges, the only thing this game is shy of is peace and tranquillity.

Grab the cash in the Smash 4 $ mode to pay for vehicle upgrades, play as part of a team in Assault or try the Destruction Derby if you want to take all the glory for yourself. Knock your opponents off the top of buildings in Skyscraper, or dice with death, in this case bombs of varying power and fuse length, in Pass Da Bomb. DD Raw has it all! Do you?


Game ID: SCES-02060


Released on June 30, 2000 in Europe.

Export releases:
[US] "Destruction Derby Raw [Model SLUS-00912]"


Developed by Studio 33.

Lead Programmer: Nick Koufou
AI Programmer: Martin MacGill
Dynamics Programmer: Tom Shepherd
Sound Programmer: Anastasios Brakis
Sound Designer: Anastasios Brakis
Front-End: Shaun Morris, Richard John Yandle
Tools: Luke Boumphrey, Ron Culton
Additional Programming: Chris Carty, Phil Hilliard, John White
Track Artists: Dominic Giles, Nick Hinton, Jeremy Ramsay
Texture Artists: Darrell Gallagher, Ian Hall
Cars: David Glanister
FMV Artists: John Carter, David Newhouse
Graphic Designer: Lee Wagner
Web Design: Sandra Connor
Managing Director: John White
Special Thanks: Beverley Bright, Paul Houlders, Peter Griffiths, John Dunleavy, David Allsop, John Stookey, Pattrick Dillon
Others: Paul Carter, Eric Cheung, Ralph Ferneyhough, Simon Foster, Skulina Hlif Kjartansdottir, Fraser McLachlan, Val Reekie
Producer: Emma Greenfield
Executive Producer: Greg Duddle
Central Product Manager: Enda Carey
Head of External Development: Steven Riding
QA Senior Supervisor: David Parkinson
QA Supervisor: Gareth Spencer
Alpha Test: Alan McArdle, Colin Berry, Matthew Brooks
Beta Test: Thomas Rees, Jonathon Whelan, Jon Coles, Dean Ashley, Barclay Christmas
CD Duplication: Craig Duddle, Barry John Edwards, Christopher Stanley
Guidelines: Neil Clarke, Andrew Craig
Sound Engineer: Michael De Belle
In-game Music: Gary McKill, Mike Clarke, Dan Selby
Software Operations: Vanessa Wood, Jennifer Rees, Lisa Rose
French/Finnish Translations: SDL
Italian/Spanish Translations: Project Synthesis
German Translation: 4-Real Intermedia
SCEE Product Manager: Kevin McSherry
US Product Manager: Neil Clarke
SCEE PR: Imogen Baker
US PR: Charlotte Panther
Designer: Richard Turner
Webmaster: Paul Hanley
Materials Co-ordinator: Joanne Rothwell, Rik Tyson
Manual Writer: Russel Coburn
Publishing Producer: Ken Allen
Ass. Publishing Producer: Kevin Elrod
Additional Q/A Support: Shakir Johnson, Suzy Haley
SCEE Print Production: Lisa Rose, Michelle Souch, Natalie Norris
SCEE Manual Approval: Lee Travers, Brian Goulbourn