Design Master Denshi Mangajuku

Console published 27 years ago by Bandai

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電子 漫画 塾 © 1995 Bandai Co., Ltd.
(Design Master Denshi Mangajuku)

Touchscreen handheld game console released during the fifth generation of video game consoles.


Released on March 03, 1995 in Japan. It's the first touch screen console ever created.

Nine cartridges were made for the system, although only eight were released to retail and that four of them are considered as games, with the rest being made in the design/manga carts which contained various licensed characters you can use representations of in the actual games by piggy-backing the design carts onto a game cart. The games themselves are mostly basic and were either basic RPG battle arenas, simple drawing programs, or horoscope games.


Machine's bios.