Desert Falcon [Model CX7811]

Atari 7800 cart. published 35 years ago by Atari

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Desert Falcon © 1987 Atari Corp.

All around you are long stretches of sand, ancient pyramids baking in the hot, dead air, and constant danger.

The legends that brought you here are 30 centuries old. The tales tell of thieves who plundered the Pharoah's tomb, loading bags of gold, silver, and precious gems onto their camels, then making off into the desert. But in the night, horrible desert beasts pursued the robbers, and the priceless treasure was scattered and lost. Not even a camel was ever seen again.

Now you search for the lost treasure, daring the beaks and claws of the desert guardians. As you scan the endless sand for the glitter of Jewels, your eye catches sight of gliding shadows. Something’s coming!

You could turn back now and be safe. Or you could go on, and dare to steal the Pharoah's Jewels.

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Model CX7811

Fire arrows: Press left button.
Activate super powers: Press right button.
Fly; gain altitude: Pull handle backward.
Land, hop, or swim: Push handle forward.
Maintain altitude in the air; stop on land: Release handle.
Move left: Push handle left.
Move right: Push handle right.


Duck behind pyramids and obelisks to save yourself and lure enemies into crashing. Gauge the altitude of flying beasts by watching their shadows. Figure out what combination of hieroglyphs awards you which super power. For instance, the combination "Bird, Cane, Bowl" gives you Warp while the combination "Cane, Bird, Bowl" (the same hieroglyphs in a different order) gives you Air Bomb. Pick up a particular combination when its power will do you the most good. in the bonus round, go for the treasures that have the highest value multiplier.


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