Demons to Diamonds [Model CX2615]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Demons to Diamonds (c) 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

DEMONS TO DIAMONDS contains 6 game variations. Games 1 through 3 are standard versions, while Games 4 through 6 are easier versions suitable for beginners. Here is a breakdown of your game choices:

GAME 1: A one-player DEMONS TO DIAMONDS game in which the skulls fire bullets at normal speed, shoot often, and move quickly up and down the screen.

GAME 2: A two-player version of Game 1.

GAME 3: A two-player version of Game 1, except that you or your opponent lose a life each time you hit the other's laser base.

GAME 4: An easy one-player game in which the skulls fire more slowly than in standard games, don't fire as often, and take longer to move up and down the screen.

GAME 5: A two-player game exactly like Game 4.

GAME 6: A two-player easy game like Game 4, except you and your opponent can lose lives by hitting each other's laser base.

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Model CX2615


Export releases:
PAL "Demons to Diamonds [Model CX2615P]"


Every time you hit a demon of your own color, you receive 1 to 8 points, depending upon which row the demon occupies. For example, a demon in the row nearest your laser base is worth 1 point, while a demon in the third row from your laser is worth 3 points.

Each pulsating diamond is worth 10 to 80 points, or 10 times the value of the row it occupies.


Create skulls as far as possible from your laser base; these are more likely to hit your opponent than you.

Aim at demons of your own color that are as far away as possible; they are worth more points than the close ones. But beware of your opponent hitting your bonus diamond. He gets those points, too.

Try to hit the diamonds whenever you can. They are worth a lot of points and, if you can hit them consistently, your score will rise quickly.

Spontaneous skulls usually appear at the edge of the rows. Don't spend too much time in this vicinity. The safest position is just to the right or left of the center.

Take care when firing into the center of the screen. This is where demons first appear, and you can inadvertently hit an opponent while aiming at your own color. The same thing can happen when you try to hit your own color at the edge of the screen. Since demons change color when they bump into the right and left sides, you can usually end up hitting an opponent and making a skull there.


Programmer: Nick Turner
Graphics: Alan Murphy


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