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Dekoboko Densetsu - Hashire Wagamanma [Model TJCD0013]

NEC PC-Engine CD published 30 years ago by Telenet Japan

Dekoboko Densetsu - Hashire Wagamanma [Model TJCD0013] screenshot

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?????? ???????? © 1990 Telenet Japan.

(Dekoboko Densetsu - Hashire Wagamanma)

Dekoboko Densetsu is an overhead racing game published by Renovation. The object of the game is to race through a series of ten vast tracks. The player is up against four opponents (which can be CPU or human driven) and the goal of the game is to cross the winning line. In Dekoboko Densetsu there's no laps, just one long winding stretch of road with sudden sharp curves and deadly hazards. Each tracks is also filled with plenty of obstacles and all kind of monsters that need to be avoided. Consequently, cars have a very unusual feature and can jump in the air at the press of a button. This allows the player to jump over obstacles but also to avoid rockets and other bombs thrown by the other opponents. Winning races award players money used to upgrade their cars with missiles, mines, bombs, nitro-boosts, ghost-shields and so forth. Weapons can usually be fired ahead or behind the car by pressing the appropriate direction button (up or down). Only one kind of powerup can be found on the tracks though and they are in the shape of flying hear icons - they have the ability to restore the player's health bar. Up to five players can play Dekoboko Densetsu at once with the highest point total winning.
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Game ID: TJCD0013


Dekoboko Densetsu was released on November 02, 1990 in Japan for 6780 Yen.

There is a fun cameo appearance in the game's introduction sequence. The cute Yuko and her arch enemy Megas from Valis II can be both seen on the car's computer screen. Valis was also published by Telenet Japan at the time which explains the appearance.

Game's CD.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com