Defender of the Crown [Model 813 0010]

Phillips CD-i CD-ROM published 27 years ago by Philips Interactive Media, Inc.

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Defender of the Crown © 1992 Philips Interactive Media, Incorporated.

It is a dark time in the history of England. Your liege, the King, has been assassinated, and the kingdom is in turmoil. You must defeat the Norman oppressors, as well as rival Saxons, to unite all of England under Saxon rule and be crowned the new King. The quest will take you from mighty battles in the open field, to fierce combat inside enemy castle walls.

Experience the rich sound and regal pageantry of a time when average men rose above their peers. With strength, courage, and passion, you too can join in the mighty crusade and become a Defender of the Crown.


Model 813 0010


CD-I Programming: Ken Jordan
Original Programming: Robert J. Mical
Score Composed by: Jim Cuomo
Original Artwork: James Sachs
Additional Artwork: Bradley Parker, Robin Hart
Technical Direction: David Todd
Executive Producer: Sarina Simon
Producer: Robert Weaver
Assistant Producer: David White
CD-I Design and Direction: David Riordan
Technical Assistant: Greg A. L. Hemsath
Original Executive Producers: Robert Jacob, Phyllis Jacob
Original Design: Kellyn Beck

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