Defender [Model CX5218]

Atari 5200 cart. published 38 years ago by Atari, Inc.

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Defender © 1982 Atari, Incorporated.

As Captain of the Spaceship Defender, your mission is to destroy the alien force and save the Humanoids. Your speed and skill have earned you this heroic mission. When Humanoids are abducted, you'll have to destroy the Lander and catch the falling Humanoid before safely returning him to the city below.
Model CX5218
Aliens Destroyed
Lander: 150
Mutant: 150
Swarmer: 200
Baiter.: 200
Bomber: 250
Pod: 1000

Humanoid Rescue Mission
Points Plus 150 For Lander
Humanoid falls but lives: 250
Caught but not brought back to the city: 500
Caught and brought back to the city: 1000
* One of the most important strategies to remember is to keep moving and firing at the same time. Your continuous fire will build a 'wall of fire' to protect your spaceship.

* Fly low. Most good DEFENDER players seldom fly more than two inches above the cities. This helps in protecting the Humanoids.

* Destroy the Landers, but don't shoot your Humanoids.

* Listen to the game sounds. When you hear a Humanoid's cry for help, immediately go to the rescue.

* Learn to use the scanner. Try playing DEFENDER using only the scanner. When you learn to rely on it, it will help you improve your score.

* Reversing direction suddenly is good strategy. It confuses and stops aliens. By the time the alien recovers, you can reverse directions again, and blast the alien.
Programmer: Steve Baker
Game's ROM.