Defcon 5 [Model T-1301H]

Sega Saturn CD published 26 years ago by Data East USA, Inc.

Defcon 5 [Model T-1301H] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME.

Defcon 5 © 1995 Data East USA, Inc.


Game ID: T-1301H


Producer: Toby Simpson
Design: Chris Elliot, Ian Saunter, Andrew Kennedy, Toby Simpson
Programming: Tim Closs, Ashley Thwaites, Peter Marshall, Dean Ashton, Marcus Whitlock, Toby Simpson, Julian Rex
Additional Programming: Mark Stamps, Mike Ball, James Busby, Paul Donovan
Saturn Programming Completion: Alan McCarthy
Art Direction: Andrew Kennedy, Mark Rafter
Introduction Modelling: Rob Chapman
Image Processing: Steve Loughran
Game Graphics: Steve Teague, Dave Mee
3D Design: Andrew Kennedy, Mark Whitrow
Additional Game Graphics: Steve Loughran, Alan Brand
Background text and Tyron documents: Ben Simpson
Text and Script Editor: Jim Hawkins
Casting: Chris Homer
Casting Agency: Rhubarb
Make-up: Natalie Hughes
Costumes: Angels & Bermans
Cast: Jack Cloake, Gia Milinovich, Martin Muncaster, Michael Harbour, Billy J. Mitchell, Gary Hope, Mike O'Malley, Elizebeth Uter
Title Music: Chris Homer
In Game Music: Andrew Barnabas
Audio and Video Production: Chris Homer, Peter Murphy, Tom Oswald
Sound Effects: Graeme King, Andrew Barnabas, Peter Murphy
Audio Post Production: Peter Murphy
Quality Assurance Manager: Richard Edwards
Lead Quality Assurance Tester: Ben Simpson
Quality Assurance: Tom Oswald, Stuart Saunders, Jim Archer, Dean Miller


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