Deer Hunting USA

Arcade Video game published 21 years ago by American Sammy

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Deer Hunting USA (c) 2000 American Sammy.

An interactive shooting game where players stalk deer in the wilderness during hunting season.

You are able to select a wilderness where you want to go hunting. Then you will choose your hunting weapon: rifle, shotgun, power bow, or muzzleloader. Next, you will select one of four destinations within the wilderness you selected as your hunting ground. From here, your objective is to shoot and/or kill the male deer (bucks) while trying not to miss or shoot and/or kill female deer (does).

Throughout the game, you will attempt to kill up to four male deer in four different areas within the selected wilderness for a total of up to 16 bucks. Each time you successfully kill a male deer, you are rated based on your scoring, timing and accuracy as well as the weight of the kill. You must try to shoot the bucks in the most vulnerable areas in order to wound and/or kill them instantly.

After you have hunted through all four areas of the wilderness, the season is over and then you are rated on how well you did throughout the game based on scoring, the number of kills, the total weight and the timing and accuracy of your shooting. Afterwards, the game ends, regardless of the results.

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Released in May 2000.

This game featured a unique lightgun controller, which was unique in that it was not a pistol/revolver like most other gun games. The controller is shaped like a shotgun, which you must pump after every shot (regardless of which weapon you select in the game).


* V4.3
* V4.2
* V4.0


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Official website: http://www.sammyusa.com/archive/deerhunting.aspx