DECpc AXP 150

Computer published 27 years ago by DEC

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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DECpc AXP 150 © 1993 Digital Equipment Corp.

An entry-level workstation.


The DECpc AXP 150 systems used a 150 MHz DECchip 21064 microprocessor with an external 512 KB B-cache (L2 cache), which is implemented with 17 nanosecond SRAMs located on the motherboard.

The 128-bit memory subsystem supports 16 to 128 MB of memory. Standard 36-bit, 70 nanosecond SIMMs with longword parity protection are used to populate eight SIMM slots, which are organised in two banks of four slots each. The DEC 2000 AXP supports two memory options, a 16 MB (4 × 4 MB SIMMs) and a 64 MB (4 × 16 MB SIMMs) memory kit.


The DECpc AXP 150 was code-named Jensen. It was released on May 25, 1993. It was the first Alpha-based system to support the Windows NT operating system.


Machine's bios.