DecapAttack [Model 1027]

Export Sega Genesis game published 30 years ago by SEGA of America, Inc.

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DecapAttack © 1991 Sega of America, Incorporated.

North American release. This game is known in Japan as "Magical Hat no Buttobi Tabo! Daibouken [Model G-4041]".

Description from the USA back cover:

Go ahead... Hurl your head. It's OK... You've got another one. Use it to squelch pop-eyed super-slugs - and lots of other ghouls, goblins and creepy creations. You're Chuck D. Head. And you're beheaded for a bone-chilling adventure.

Boing off a pole. Leap across collapsing log bridges. Bop atop a roving eyeball. Then punch a skull head for extra propulsion. Or start a psychedelic earthquake in Dr. Frank N. Stein's lab.

Ghastly creatures prowl Eyeland's body parts. Totem poles bury you alive. Horned beasts lash their tongues. Finally, meet Max D. Cap. And remember: if he spooks you... it's all in your head.


Game ID: 1027
Package ID: 670-1261
Cartridge ID: 670-1260
Barcode: 0 10086 01027 5


DecapAttack for Genesis was released in October 1991 in North America.

Gameplay remains similar to the Japanese version, albeit the graphics, characters, music and level designs have all been changed. Also, in the original Japanese release, players are killed if they are hit once, while in DecapAttack, players can choose to have up to four hearts (a total of eight hits) per life (though certain situations, such as touching lava or falling into a pit will cause an instant death). Flagpoles that can restore health in DecapAttack increase lives in Magical Hat.
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