Death Trap [Model 50010]

Atari 2600 cart. published 38 years ago by Avalon Hill Video Game, The

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Death Trap (c) 1983 Avalon Hill.

You have just graduated with honors from Cadet training. Your first mission is especially important. You must deliver a TOP SECRET diplomatic message to the Emperor of the Glaxiau Empire - immediately! You proceed to cross the galaxy via the latest Black Hole acceleration techniques when your trips is interrupted by a gigantic space ship which intends on ensuring that the message you carry never reaches the Emperor. You heard of rumors in school of IT being out there - the reason for so many missing ships. Your only hope for survival and success in your mission is to destroy ITs power generators before IT kills you with intelligent plasma fireballs or disintegrates you with high energy defensive shields.


Model 50010


If you beat the game, you will see a medal on the final (title) screen. The medal is the same no matter what game variation you beat.


You start the game with zero points. Points may be added or subtracted but your score will not be allowed to go negative. Points are added for your condition of readiness, damage you inflict on IT, and bonus points for destroying each of the 3 power stations.

Readiness - Every few seconds, up to 6 points are added based on your level of readiness. Readiness points are determined by the number of small ships beneath your score.

Damage - Ten times the total number of hits on ITs power stations are added. (First hit = + 10 points, Fifteenth hit = + 150 points).

Bonus points - Totally destroying left or right power stations= + 2000 points. Center station= + 5000 points.

Penalty - You lose 90 points every time IT is able to lower SHIELD C.


The moving block in the defensive shields are generated directly below the left and right red guns. Careful timing will allow you to create new blocks on top of existing blocks. This will reduced the amount of interference between you and the guns, and is especially helpful in destroying the central power station when time is limited.


Programmer: Jim Jacob
Cover art; Jim Talbot
Rules Paste-Up and Graphics: Jean Baer
Typesetting: Colonial Composition
Prep Dept. Coordinator: Elaine Adkins
Printing: Monarch Services


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