Death Crimson OX

Sega NAOMI cart. published 20 years ago by Ecole Soft.

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Death Crimson Ox © 2000 Ecole.

A lightgun-shooter, very similar to the "The House of the Dead" series.
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Runs on the Runs on the Sega "NAOMI" hardware.
Death Crimson Ox was released in October 2000.

Ecole was established by CAD Software in 1995. Their first release was 'Death Crimson' in 1998 on Sega Saturn. This game was a flop, many Japanese gamer blamed Ecole. Without taking consideration of this bad reputation, they produced a new game called 'Melty Blood', a video game based on the dojin game and Bijokko game of the same name.
1. Death Crimson (1996, Sega Saturn)
2. Death Crimson 2 (1999, Sega Dreamcast)
3. Death Crimson Ox (2000)
Sega Dreamcast (2001)