Deal or No Deal

Slot Machine published by Atronic

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Deal or No Deal © 200? Atronic.

Featuring the 'The Deal or No Deal' bonus giving players the chance to strike the best deal possible by rejecting or accepting offers from the bank for a cashbox containing a hidden win amount. All the possible amounts that could be contained in the player’s cashbox are displayed on screen and by a process of elimination the player can get a better idea of what his cashbox may be worth.

During the elimination process the bank will make offers to buy the cashbox and the player must decide if he believes his cashbox is worth more than the banks offer. The base game also has 3 fantastic features, the Lucky Spot feature, the Triple Chance feature and the Path Finder feature in which players make their way over the screen thus accumulating win amounts.
Based on the popular TV game show from 'Endemol'.