Deadlock II - Shrine Wars

PC/MS-Windows CD published 25 years ago by Accolade, Inc.

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Deadlock II - Shrine Wars © 1998 Accolade, Inc.

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The game was rated T (Teen, it have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).


Producer: Joseph Minton
Lead Designer: Rob Caswell
Lead Programmer: Nathan Sitkoff
Lead Artist: Peter Lawson
Programmers: Tom Henderson, Matt Kimmel, Chris Tohline
Additional Programmers: Ken Grey, Mike White
Artists: Scott Creasy, Matthew Skutnik, Sean Wang, David White
Additional Artists: Michael Baker, Rob Caswell
Additional Design: Bart Simon, Nathan Sitkoff
Lip Synching: Jack Cameron
Lead Playtester: Joanne Delphia
Playtesting: T. J. Andrzejczyk, Fred Fredette, Bart Simon
Executive Producter: Lester Humphreys
Programming Director: Ken Grey
Production Manager: Joseph Minton
Art Director: Seth Spaulding
Producer/Designer: Ken Humphries
Audio and Music Producer, Voice Recording and Processing Cinematic SFX, Voice, and Music Arrangement: Richard Kelly
Dialog, Game Text, and Manual Writing, Voice Casting and Direction: Mark Jensen
Installer Programmer: Bobby Tait
Matching Service Programmers: Kerry Bonin, Gary Strawn
Product Marketing Manager: Michael Sack
Manual Layout: William D. Robinson
Additional Marketing Support: Matt Abrams, Mark Glover, Jill Dos Santos
Internet Marketing: Laddie Ervin, Ray Massa
Public Relations: Erica Krishnamurthy, Bill Linn, Rhoda Wawrzynski
Test Manager: Alex V. Cabal
Test Supervisor: Matthew Guzenda
Compatability Coordinator: David Abrams
Lead Tester: Scott Barnes
Testers: Steve Bruno, Stefano Canu, Jason Cordero, Arnold Galano, Ben MacAskill, Sam Newman, James Strawn
Play Balanceing/ Special Assistant: David Fung
Mastering: Luis Rivas
International Producer: Alisa Schaefbauer
Original Deadlock Design Team/ Initial Game Design: Ken Capelli, Dan Evans, Matthew Ford, Mark Jensen, Paul Kwinn, Russell Shiffer, Gary Strawn
French and German Translation: JBI International Communication and Localization
Music Themes for each Race, Combat Sequence Theme, Setup Screen Music: Chip Harris, In-House Productions
Opening Cinematic Score, Victory and Defeat Cinematic Scores: David Nowlin, Greg Weber, Webtone Productions
Voice Talent: Roy Blumenfeld (Skirineen and the Human Pilot from Intro Cinematic), Lise Bruneau (Human and Human Air General from Intro Cinematic), Baomi Butts-Bhanji (Uva Mosk), Jan Carty Marsh (Oolan), Christiane Crawford (ChCh-T), Sean Michael Fish (Human Air Commander from Intro Cinematic), J. S. Gilbert (Tarth), Randall Hauser (Human Commander from Intro Cinematic), Julian Lopez-Morillas (Cyth and the Cyth Captain/Human Sergeant/Cyth Advisor/Veil Lord from Intro Cinematic), Gary R. Voss (Maug and Human Bosun from Intro Cinematic), Alexander Van Frank (Re'Lu), Greg Weber (Cyth Underling from Intro Cinematic)
Special Thanks To: Glyn Anderson, Jim Barnett, Allen Edwards, David P. Grenewetzki, Meil Johnston, Dale Mauk, Stan Roach, Kathie Tompkins, Mike Yuen


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