De-Ja II

This NEC PC-9801 Series 5.25in. disk. is listed and emulated in MAME !

Set(s) list:
 pc98: deja2
Information last updated on October 02, 2021.
Set's name: "deja2"
MAME's description: De・Ja 2

ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 01 of 10)(disk a).fdd" size="1247228" crc="6ebd23b4" sha1="799c4865b13a82afff4c269dc647ce6e000c2890"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 02 of 10)(disk b).fdd" size="1299452" crc="a12a48ba" sha1="56ff8d8b2250b0d3fbfc8a65aee97c3eb2828c42"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 03 of 10)(disk c).fdd" size="1184764" crc="1e145cc4" sha1="38cd5c26cc70e991847e9b626ce1fa40610aa1f6"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 04 of 10)(disk d).fdd" size="1150972" crc="26564d8d" sha1="d56f69ccf54201bde6888f27e1582606dd94be7b"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 05 of 10)(disk e).fdd" size="1243132" crc="ce358af6" sha1="6c17b4848f06e43225ea3df8121c089dd199b1ef"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 06 of 10)(disk f).fdd" size="1117180" crc="35083b56" sha1="82b06e46b1b9ae097bd8fdb0d45bf2c86f5be061"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 07 of 10)(disk g).fdd" size="1250300" crc="9834c0b3" sha1="66aa73dd2f5e99ea7def722cebb50ba52ea69f27"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 08 of 10)(disk h).fdd" size="1287164" crc="fc7b3537" sha1="21a05d0190852a983718330240299ed0eab084ef"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 09 of 10)(disk i).fdd" size="1269756" crc="b4a96767" sha1="b711812cb2764517a51392984c2dcc0c6617858e"
ROM name="deja vu 2 (1992)(elf)(jp)(disk 10 of 10)(disk j).fdd" size="1102844" crc="ae907392" sha1="cecd8971775570eeca50b82726ce19adcd35b8e3"

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