DC Tonic

Homebrew Sega Dreamcast GD published 20 years ago by Cryptic Allusion

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DC Tonic (c) 2001 Cryptic Allusion.

DC Tonic is a compilation CD of various games, demos, and game demos produced using the KallistiOS toolkit. It was a collaboration between Cryptic Allusion, Moving Target Software Design, GankSoft Entertainment, and AndrewK of Napalm to produce an attractive Dreamcast CD to hand out to the attendees of the 2001 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

It contained not only games and demos, but all of their source code under free software licenses! To take this a step even further, Cryptic Allusion included the source code for the current version of the compiler tools used to build the whole thing. A homebrew development kit in a box.


Each disc was burned on a red, orange, or violet CD and was covered with a custom-printed label. The disc was bootable on any Dreamcast capable of booting non-GD media.


All original DC Tonic CD's were given away at the show or kept by individual developers who helped to build it.


Game's CD.