Daytona GTX - 2004 Edition

Arcade Video game published 17 years ago by Game Room, The

Daytona GTX - 2004 Edition screenshot

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Daytona GTX - 2004 Edition (c) 2004 The Game Room.

Upgrade kit for "Daytona USA" featuring:
- Upgraded graphics.
- Use Points to upgrade cars features.
- Add better tires for more traction.
- Add armor for protection against obstacles.
- Add Engine Power for better performance.
- Add a Turbo for extra power boost when needed.
- Keep your upgrades ans use next time.
- No memory cards just need the code.
- However unlikely, players still can choose the original game format.
- Save points to purchase better upgrades.


Runs on the Sega "Model 2" hardware.

This kit includes 2 EPROMs, a small IC featuring 2 other EPROMs and dipswitches as well as 2 stickers.


This kit was sold $495 in 2004.


Designed by: Kyle Hodgetts


Game's screenshot.