Daytona Gold

Fruit Machine published 17 years ago by JPM International

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Daytona Gold © 2002 JPM.

Daytona Gold is a three-reel, multi-stake and award card game, introducing a highly original representation of the stake multiplier.

In line with the motor-sport theme, a large central 'rev counter' indicates the multiplier status via the position of the needle. Top reel game wins are shown on the top award card and are multiplied by the value shown on the rev counter. This multiplier increases with the top game stake. Top reel game wins of up to the jackpot value are automatically saved to the multiwin. Top reel game wins of more than the jackpot are saved to the bonus display.


The game is housed in an Electra cabinet.


Released in Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

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