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Dark Tower

GCE Vectrex published 37 years ago by GCE

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Dark Tower © 1983 GCE [General Consumer Electric]

Enter the fantastic world of the Dark Tower -- a world filled with adventure, danger and all the mysteries of ancient times.

You control a squadron of warriors as you search an adventure-filled forest for the magical keys that will unlock the entrance to the Dark Tower. Guide your warriors to the enchanted chests scattered throughout the forest -- each will contain a new puzzle, adventure, terror or treasure. Use your warriors wisely and beware the evils of the forest!

Dark Tower is a one player game. You can begin Dark Tower at any of four different skill levels. The skill level determines how many keys you are given before starting your journey. Game 1 is the most difficult; Game 4 is the least difficult.

The games are as follows:
Game 1: NONE
Game 2: Silver
Game 3: Silver and bronze
Game 4: Silver, bronze and brass

To select the skill level, press Button 2. (Note: You will not receive and points for the keys initially given in Games 2, 3 or 4.)


Joystick: Moves warrior.
Button 1: Possessions. Press and hold to view listing of all your possessions, remaining number of warriors and current score. Release to return to game.
Button 2: Fire Left/Arrow. Press to select game option. Press to fire left in Brigand Sequence. Press to move arrow in the Riddle of the Keys.
Button 3: Fire Straight/Key Select. Press to fire straight in Brigand
Sequence. Press to select key type in Riddle of the Keys.
Button 4: Fire Right/Test. Press to fire right in Brigand Sequence. Press to open the chests in the forest. Press to test your solution in the Riddle of the Keys.


Dark Tower was based on the electronic board game of the same name.


Points are awarded for each treasure you pick up after the start of the game (ie, you do not receive points for the keys, gold, or warriors you are given at the beginning of the game.) Points are also earned for destroying brigands and for solving the Riddle of the Keys.

Gold Key: 1,000 points.
Silver Key: 900 points.
Bronze Key: 800 points.
Brass Key: 700 points.
Bag of Gold: 100 points.
Warrior: 100 points.
Crystal Crown: 1,500 points.
Healer: 300 points + a bonus warrior.
Scout: 300 points + a bonus warrior.
Destroying each Brigand: 125 points.
Solving the Riddle of the Keys: 3,000 points.

Game's ROM.