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List of songs playables on this page:

01 credit.vgz02 the legend (opening).vgz03 the return of the heroes (character select).vgz04 the audience with the king (king's message).vgz05 rise and fall, light and dark (theme) (stage 1, 3).vgz06 ambition (the dark knight's theme).vgz07 fierce battle (boss 1 wyvern, boss 3 bihoruda).vgz08 success (stage clear).vgz09 invasion of the dark forces (stage 2).vgz10 between life and death (boss 2 zeller, boss 4 fairesu).vgz11 threat from the darkness (stage 4).vgz12 mystery (transform, treasure box).vgz13 decisive battle (stage 5).vgz14 the seal - the new journey (ending).vgz