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Dark Chambers [Model CX7837]

Atari 7800 game published 31 years ago by Atari

Dark Chambers [Model CX7837] screenshot

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Dark Chambers © 1988 Atari Corp.

You're on a dangerous treasure hunt, deep in the underground world of Dark Chambers. Wraiths, wizards, and moldering skeletons surround you. As you move through this meandering maze, you are stalked by the grim reaper.

The exits you see only take you deeper into the maze. If you find the strategically placed weapons, you can fend off your enemies while you search for the hidden treasure. The secret potions you find along the way will renew your strength. But watch out for hidden traps and deadly poisons.

Your strength will help you outlast the weaker ghouls, but are you a match for the strongest? Enter the underground world of Dark Chambers and find out.


Model CX7837


Scores appear at the top of the screen, next to your strength bar.

Ghouls and Curses
You earn points for each ghoul and ghoul spawner you slay:
Grim reaper: 100 points
Grim reaper spawner: 100 points
Wizard: 60 points
Wizard spawner: 60 points
Wraith: 40 points
Wraith spawner: 40 points
Skeleton: 20 points
Skeleton spawner: 20 points
Zombie: 10 points
Zombie spawner: 10 points

You lose valuable energy each time a trap, poison, or ghoul touches you.

NOTE: You lose only half the number of energy units if you have a shield when you are touched.
Glowing trap: -96 energy units
Trap: -64 energy units
Poison: -32 energy units
Grim reaper: -16 energy units
Wizard: -8 energy units
Wraith: -6 energy units
Skeleton: -4 energy units
Zombie: -2 energy units

You also lose 1 energy unit every 8 seconds as you walk around the maze.

Treasures and Potions
You earn points for each treasure you collect and gain energy for each potion you drink and food you eat:
Gold chalice: 3000 points
Amulet: 1000 points
Silver chalice: 500 points
Strongbox: 100 points
Potion: +32 energy units
Food: +32 energy units

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