Dancing Stage EuroMIX [Model GE936]

Konami System 573 disc+cart. published 22 years ago by Konami

Dancing Stage EuroMIX [Model GE936] screenshot

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Dancing Stage EuroMIX (c) 1999 Konami Company, Limited.

A European only version of the Dance Dance Revolution series. It uses the 3rd DDR mix interface and incorporates songs from the 2nd and 3rd plus 8 European-exclusive songs.

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Konami Bemani System 573 Digital Hardware


Released in July 1999.


Konami provided an 'Internet Ranking Version' upgrade that adds an extra option to the song selection wheel which had similar functionality to the built-in nonstop mode, except the player must play a selection of songs which have already been chosen. The selection of songs on an Internet Ranking machine changes depending on the current month. Upon completing an Internet Ranking nonstop course, the machine would display the player's final score along with a code consisting of numbers and letters, which could be submitted to Konami's website as part of a Europe-wide ranking chart. The overall highest ranking players were awarded prizes by Konami for their achievements.

6 additional songs were also added to the upgrade.


1. Dancing Stage featuring True Kiss Destination (1999)
2. Dancing Stage featuring Dreams Come True (1999)
3. Dancing Stage EuroMIX (2000)
4. Dancing Stage featuring Disney's Rave (2000)
5. Dancing Stage EuroMIX 2 (2002)
6. Dancing Stage Fusion (2005)
7. Dancing Stage SuperNOVA (2006)
8. Dancing Stage SuperNOVA 2 (2007)


Sony PlayStation (2001)


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