Daisu-Kiss [Model GX535]

Arcade Video game published 24 years ago by Konami

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Daisu-Kiss © 1996 Konami Company, Limited.

A mini-game collection similar to Ichidant-R and the Bishi Bashi Series.
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Konami GX hardware
Game ID : GX535

Main CPU : Motorola 68EC020 (@ 24 Mhz)
Sound CPU : Motorola 68000 (@ 9.2 Mhz)
Sound Chips : (2x) K054539 (@ 48 Khz)

Players : 4
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 3
Daisu-Kiss was released in March 1996.

The title of this game is a play of word between 'Daisuki' and 'Kisu' and means 'I'm crazy about Kisses' (the object of the game). The Japanese phonetics of Daisu : 'Da i su' means 'Dice' for the random concept of the game.

This game is one of the rare Japanese multi-mini games where you can find some questions based on the 'pokeberu quiz'. The 'pokeberu' is a way of speaking only with the pronunciation of the numbers and while playing with the various readings of the Japanese numbers. Example : 5963 reads as 'go kyu roku san' - Gokurousan is an expression employed by the Japanese police officers to appreciate the accomplished labour.
Game's ROM.