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Daimakaimura [B-Board 91634B-2]

Arcade Video game published 28 years ago by Capcom

Daimakaimura [B-Board 91634B-2] screenshot

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Daimakaimura © 1991 Capcom Company, Limited.

Re-release of the original classic. For more information about the game itself, please see the original Release entry; "Daimakaimura [B-Board 88622B-2]".


Runs on the "CP System" hardware.
B-Board #: 91634B-2
B-Board PALs: DAM63B | BPRG1 | IOB1
C-Board #: 92631C-6
C-Board PALs: C632 | IOC1
CPS-B #: CPS-B-21 DL-0921-10014


This re-edition was released in 1991 in the Japanese arcades (even if the title screen still says 1988 as the original version).

Game's ROM.