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Daffy Duck in Hollywood [Model 2550]

Sega Game Gear cart. published 26 years ago by SEGA Enterprises

Daffy Duck in Hollywood [Model 2550] screenshot

Listed and emulated in MAME !

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Daffy Duck in Hollywood © 1994 Sega Enterprises, Limited.


[Model 2550]


* Invincibility: At the main menu, enter Left,Right,Right,Left,Right,Left, Left.

* Stage Skip: At the main menu, enter Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right. At the normal stage select screen, press 2 to move to the next set of levels.

* Ending Sequences: At the main menu, enter Left x4, Right, Right to see the sequence corresponding to the Easy / Medium difficulty level. Enter Left, Left, Right x3 to see the sequence corresponding to the bad ending in Hard level (not all statues collected). Finally, enter Left x6, Right to see the sequence corresponding to the good ending in Hard level (all statues collected).

* Fergus Head mode: First enable Invincibility and Stage Skip as above (to enter multiple cheats, you can select the difficulty selection or sound test instead of starting a game). Then, at the main menu enter Left, Right, Left x3. The main sprite will become the "Fergus Head".


Software Engineer : Balor Knight
Senior Director : Tony Beckwith
Game Design : Tony Beckwith, Balor Knight
Backgrounds And Enemy Animation : Philip Williams
Daffy Animation : Emil Sergiev
Mapping : Adam ?, Andrew McCarthy, Simon Bland, AJ
Audio Engineer : Fatt Murniss
QA Manager : Barg
QA Technicians : Barg, Simon Bland
Data Compression : Chris Pile
PA To Software Engineer : Jade Lucas
Sega Producers : Mike Brown, Gary Foreman
Special Thanx 2 : Carl 4 Crisp2, Haydn Dalton, Clay Knight, Gaz and Linda
Dedicated to : Asha Mariah

Game's ROM.