Dactyl Nightmare SP

V.R. game published 28 years ago by Virtuality

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Dactyl Nightmare SP screenshot

Dactyl Nightmare SP © 1994 Virtuality.

A VR classic!! this, first ever 4-player networked game for immersive VR has developed cult status amongst serious VR gamers Worldwide.
Armed with a hand held rocket launcher, the objective of the game is to navigate this 3D world of five multi-level platforms, shooting your friends before they shoot you, sending you back to base.
You score points for each hit - the player at the end of the game with the most hits wins the game - simple adrenaline pumping action. Just keep an eye out for the Dactyl flying overhead, if you don't shoot it first, this awesome beast will pick you up in its claws, and fly hundreds of feet above the playing arena before dropping you to certain death!


SU2000 Hardware

Type of interface : Imersive -HMD-
Physical posture : Stand-up
Motion of the platform : No
Controls : 3-D joystick (with tracking)
Computer platform : 486 PC
Type of display : Virtuality Visette 2
Tracking : Polhemus Insidetrack
Size of the Unit : 4 x 4 H 50 inches
Unit Description : Stand Alone POD.

Virtuality Visette 2 visor specifications :
High impact polymer construction
Shock absorbing tough design
Weight : 645 grams/1.4 lbs
Size : Width=215mm/8,4ins; Height=95mm/3,7ins; Min depth=295mm/11,6ins; Max depth=345mm/13,5ins
Hygienic closed cell replaceable comfort pads
Inter-Pupillary adjustment : 58mm/2.2ins to 70mm/2.7ins
Field of view per eye : Horizontal=60° Vertical=46.87°
-Visual resolution : 756x244 pixels

Graphical Information:
Texture mapping capability : Yes
Number of polygon per second : 30,000 texture map p/s f:20-25 f/s
Number of Max. Moving objects : 512
Other Graphical Info : support Gouraud Shading, Texture Mapping, Flat Shading.

Sound :
Type of Sound : 8MB 16 Bit sample. (Stereo)
Music Background : Yes (CDs)

Network Information :
Max. Number of units networked locally : 8
Max. Number of units networked remotely : No (in the future ISDN)

Other Technical Description :
Mic Net connection between players


Dactyl Nightmare SP was simply a port from the old 1000 series hardware which was Amiga 3000 based to the 486-based hardware of the 2000 series. The graphics were slightly renewed. However the game was not as successful as the original 1991 release.

'Cybermind UK' purchased the intellectual property of 'Virtuality' in 1997 as part of a bankruptcy settlement. On Mach 2004 'Arcadian Virtual Reality L.L.C.' acquired the assets of Cybermind UK's virtual reality business.


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