Cybermorph [Model J9000E]

Atari Jaguar cart. published 30 years ago by Atari Corp.

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Cybermorph © 1993 Atari Corp.

The Galactic War has begun, and the ultimate weapon has been created: robotic technologies that can rebuild themselves. As the evil Pernitia Empire adds planet after planet to its growing empire, their regenerative technology becomes permanently entrenched.

Fortunately, your forces had new weapons designed ... unfortunately, they were seized by the enemy. The weapons, along with supplies and information, were sealed into pods. Some of the key designers were cryogenically suspended and put into the pods as well.

You have been assigned to pilot the only prototype fighter craft in existence: the Cybermorph Transmogriffon, or T-Griffon, a morphing attack craft. Although usable only in planetary atmospheres, it can be transported between worlds by intersolar cruisers, and has it's own re-entry and retrieval systems.

The T-Griffon can follow terrain extremely close at high speeds. It can also hover and fly backwards by altering its shape. It can withstand extreme damage by regenerating parts, using technology similar to that used by the Pernitia Empire. The T-Griffon also features a holographic intelligence agent named Skylar, who will give you crucial battle information.

You must recover the pods so the resistance fighters will have the weapons, equipment and expertise necessary to stop the spread of the Pernitia Empire. Skylar will keep you informed of newly downloaded intelligence about the planet's surface. When you recover the number of pods known to be in the sector, Skylar activates the retrieval code and the beam portal opens which will take you to another sector.


Model J9000E

ENEMY HIT 50 points
POD PICKED UP 200 points
1K COIN 1000 points
2K COIN 2000 points
EXTRA PODS RECOVERED 5000 points each, awarded on the debriefing screen.

* An EXTRA SHIP is awarded every 50,000 points, when a level is completed.

- Learn your way around the levels. Practice levels that you are having trouble with by entering the sector code and trying the world right away. The order in which you conquer worlds may affect how easy they are to complete. Keep your eyes open for special buildings and items - they may be critical to the liberation of a world!
- ENEMIES: Most enemies can be avoided with some fast flying. Some enemies will stay in one area, others rove around. Watch your scanner for hostile enemies. You can kill enemies that are chasing you by flying backwards and firing. If a hostile enemy is not near something you need, it is generally best to avoid them. Keep your eyes open for Pod Carriers that move pods (often near a Vortex Tower), and Cargo Carriers towing powerups.
- CRASHING: Don't try to fly over mountains that are too high - go around them or try to find teleporters that will get you past them. Some buildings are quite sturdy. The T-Griffon's terrain-following will not avoid buildings, so be careful about crashing into them - especially whem flying backwards. Watch out for enemies that try to ram into you.
- PODS: When picking up pods, try to stay low to the ground. Remember that pods may be hidden inside prisons. Watch your scanner for the location of nearby pods. Remember that if a Vortex Tower destroys too many of your pods you will have to do the planet over again, so quickly collect pods that are in danger.
- WEAPONS: If you are having trouble aiming, try turning on the cross-hairs or flying in cockpit mode. Mines are a good way to kill enemies that are chasing you. Cruise bombs are good weapons against ground enemies and buildings. Incinerators will actually go up a slope if they hit it, and are good for killing ground-based enemies. Remember that most weapons need ammo, so use them wisely and watch for weapon powerup coins if you are running low. Some worlds have more of one weapon type than others. Use superweapons wisely - they can be very effective if used in the right way.

* Unlimited Ammo (at Control Options): 1+3+5+7+8+9, firebutton.

* Play the Demo: press 1, 2, or 3 to use its Super Weapon

* Boss Rampage: Enter 1328 in a new game and play sectors 2 through 4. Then enter 1008 and play & finish Sector 1. You'll now fight the sector 1,2,3, and 4 bosses consecutively.

* Level Codes:
Sector 1 = 1008
Sector 2 = 1328
Sector 3 = 9325
Sector 4 = 9226
Sector 5 = 3444
Unknown = 6009 (found on planet Codex)

note: '6009' reads the same upside down, important because designers didn't know which way a player would be flying when he found it.


Game's ROM.