Cyberia [Model SLUS-00053]

Sony PlayStation CD published 25 years ago by Interplay

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Cyberia (c) 1996 Interplay.

Over 2 years in the making, Cyberia is the story of a future where global terrorists rule and mankind lives on the edge. To make life worse, the ultimate doomsday device has been discovered under the frozen mass of Northern Asia - a device code-named Cyberia. Designed in a long ago era of peace, this weapon could spell the end of civilisation if it reached the wrong hands...


Game ID: SLUS-00053


Released on February 01, 1996 in the USA.

Export releases:
[JP] "Cyberia [Model SLPS-00218]"
[EU] "Cyberia [Model SLES-00233]"


Director: Drew Markham
Project Manager: Franck De Girolami
Producer: Joan Wood
Art Director: Robert Stahl
Computer Animation Technical Director: Barry Dempsey
Technical Director: Michel Royer
Director of Digital Photography: Jason Kaehler
Real Time Integration: August Johnston
Lead Programmer: Pierre Schiro
3D Modeling: Jason Kaehler, August Johnston
Lighting: Barry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler
Animation: Barry Dempsey, Jason Kaehler, August Johnston
Character Animation: Todd Gantzler, George Karl
Map Painting: Robert Stahl, Claire Praderie, August Johnston, Drew Markham
2D Animation: Claire Praderie, Ronnie Joe Blackburn, August Johnston, Mathew Beane, Drew Markham
Human Character Articulation Engine: John P. Ornelas Jr.
Programmers: Franck De Girolami, Pierre Schiro
Writer Additional Elements: James B. Thomas
Additional Puzzles and Inspiration: Chris Morrow
Production Assistant: Ronnie Joe Blackburn
Business Affairs: John Batter
Coordinator: Kimberly Weeks
Production Secretary: Elizabeth Storz
System Administration: Stephen R. Goldburg

Composers: Thomas Dolby, Mike Kapitan
Sound Effects: Alberto Garcia
Sound Mixer: Clif Brigden
Project Manager: Laurence Faso
Administration: Mary Coller
Voice-Over Supervisor: Laurence Faso
Voice Over Talent: Drew Markham, Kathleen Beller, Philip Lewis Clarke, Roberta Farkas, Jocelyn Blue, Greg Berg

Producers: Shanti Bergel, Dennis M. Miller
Development Manager: Takeshi Minagawa
Technical Writer: Nick Doran
Cyberia Book Writer: James B. Thomas
Cyberia Manual & Book Designer: Ulises Gerardo
Director of Quality Assurance: Jeremy S. Barnes
Assistant Director of Quality Assurance: Jim Boone
Lead Tester: Derek Bullard
QA Leads: Lawrence Smith, Bill Delk, Derek Bullard
QA Testers: Quinn Summers, Michael Motoda, Savina Greene

Technical Director: T. Colin Mack
Programmers: Kory Hopkins, Shinobu Kamii


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