Cyberball [Model NES-4Y-USA]

Nintendo NES cart. published 30 years ago by Jaleco

Cyberball [Model NES-4Y-USA] screenshot

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Cyberball (c) 1991 Jaleco Company, Limited.

Cyberball is football of the future, a game played by cyborg robots whose goal is to outmaim, as well as outscore, their opponents. But when the smoke clears, and the battlefield is swept clean of severed limbs, Cyberball demands more talent, strategy and sheer guts than any ordinary video game football title you've ever played. Featuring:
* 5 levels of play: play as a rookie, then power your way through 4 advanced levels.
* Over 100 offensive plays: keep 12 defensive formations honest.
* Choice of 4 teams, each with unique strengths and weaknesses.




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