Cyber Core [Model AI-02001]

NEC PC-Engine HuCARD published 31 years ago by IGS

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Cyber Core (c) 1990 IGS Corp.

Cyber Core is a vertical shooter developed by Alpha System and published by IGS. In the year A.D 2269, the Earth is overrun by unknown and fierce insect-looking invaders. In a last ditch effort, humanity sends an alien ship called the Chimera and its pilot Mellange Kato (aka Rad Ralph) to counter the inevitable invasion. The player takes control of the insectoid combat aircraft and fights waves of odd-looking enemies such as bugs, beetles, slugs, giant flies and other hard to describe creatures. In a way similar to the classic Xevious, the ship combines two kinds of weaponry: air-to-air weapons against air-based enemies and air-to-ground bombs used against ground-based units. Additionally, large flying bugs occasionally appear and release transparent and colored pods when hit - they upgrade the ship's active weapon to Ring Lasers (red), Spread Gun (blue), Wave lasers (green) or Laser Beams (yellow). However, more than upgrading the ship's main weapon, these pods also literally morph the craft into a larger entity with a larger hit-box. Finally, a built-in shield allows the Chimera to take up to three hits before it goes to oblivion (the ship however loses a weapon level each time it absorbs damage). Cyber Core consists of eight long levels, from desolate cities and forests, all the way through to the heart of enemy territory.

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Game ID: AI-02001


Released on March 09, 1990 in Japan for 6700 Yen.

Export releases:
[US] "Cyber Core [Model TGX030030]"


Programmer: Mio. H
Co-Programmer: Bokegi!
Scenario Writer: Syuichi Kouyama
Game Designer: Kiyofumi Kato, Satoru Kubota
Illustrator: Masashige Yumoto
Graphic Designer: Alexander*MiKawa, Paris>Dakar Miko, Ore, Mak, Ayumi Nishizawa
Demonstrasion Player: Bush
Composer: Toshio Murai, Masahiro Teramoto (Terra)
Music/Sound Effects: Masahiro Teramoto (Terra)
Manager: Tomofumi Matsumoto
Planning Staff: Satoshi Masunaga, Shozou Tomitaka, Izumi Tomitaka, Shigemi Kondou, Satoru Kubota, Masayasu Sato, Ryousuke Kitamura, Akiko Imai
Adviser: Hiroshi Nagatsuka
Technical Adviser: Hahi
Supervisor: Toshihiko Horiguchi, Tetsuya Sasaki
Director: Kenji Hisatomi
Assistant Director: Satoshi Suzuki, Masato Umezu
Producer: Kotoshi Yokoyama


[JP] Sharp X6800 (1991) "Cyber Core [Model GS-203]"


Game's ROM.
Game's description by Laurent Kermel; http://www.videogameden.com