Crystal Castles - Diamond Plateaus in Space

Sinclair ZX Spectrum cass. published 35 years ago by US Gold

Listed and emulated in MAME !

Crystal Castles - Diamond Plateaus in Space (c) 1986 US Gold.

You play Bentley, a bear with a passion for collecting gems. The gems are scattered on the floors of a series of eighteen 3D structures packed with lifts, ramps, tunnels, and hidden passages. To prevent you completing your task there are various creatures, each with their own characteristics. The MAD MARBLES try to take the shortest route towards you, THE TREE-SPIRITS do the same, but are frozen for a while if you jump over them. The SKELETONS move at random, but tend to block your way. The GEM-EATERS (which look like centipedes on their hind-legs) can be seen swallowing the gems inside them; if you attack one in mid-gulp it will be destroyed. BERTHILDA the witch may only be killed when you are wearing the MAGIC HAT, which makes you invincible fora short time. If you take too long on a screen the BEES will arrive in a swarm to chase you.



You can redefine control keys if you select keyboard option. Compatible with Interface 2 and Kempston (with joystick).


Each gem collected: 10
Collecting the HONEY-POT or MAGIC HAT: 1000
Killing a GEM-EATER or BERTHILDA: 1000
BONUS for collecting the last gem on a screen: 1000 + SCREEN x 100
Lives are displayed at the top of the screen. An extra life is awarded every 10,000 points.


The HONEY-POT is worth bonus points if collected, but it and the hat cannot be negotiated by the nasties, so should be used strategically. There is a bonus of 1000 + SCREEN x 100 awarded for clearing the last gem on the screen, so don't let the baddies get it. Watch as the screens are built up to see where the passageways and tunnels are; remember you can walk around behind some of the structures. Some enemies move predictably, and the good player uses this to their advantage to remove gems in awkward places, or to trap the trees etc. out of the way. The last gem is sometimes hidden under the hat, remember that you can pick the hat up by jumping over it as well as walking over it.

There are eighteen different screens in the game; if you can complete these you will start again at fast speed. The disk version uses the disk to store the screen information, the tape version uses three short files, each holding the information for six screens of action. When you have completed the first section on the tape version you will be prompted occasionally to load a new set of screens. You may choose any set here, so you can play or practice in the order you want. The flip side of the tape contains just the data files for the game.


Developed by Andromeda Software.


Game's ROM.