Crypts of Chaos [Model 11009]

Atari 2600 cart. published 39 years ago by Fox Video Games, Inc.

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Crypts of Chaos (c) 1982 20th Century Fox.

Your objective is to descend as far into the Crypts as possible, stealing every treasure and killing every Monster you can get your hands on. You must try to keep your Hit Count high enough to escape the Crypts alive.

The Crypts of Chaos are a series of complicated mazes. In order not to get discouraged, please read the instruction manual carefully and draw maps of the Crypts as you travel them.


Model 11009


Points are added to your score for slaying Monsters and stealing their Treasures. The tougher the Monster is, the more points it is worth and the more Treasure is in its lair. Bonus points are awarded for leaving the Crypts alive (except in the easy practice game).

Points are deducted from the Hit Count when Monsters get too close to you. The game ends when all your Hit Counts are used up or when you leave the Crypt.

0 - 1000 = Serf
1000 - 2000 = Page
2000 - 3000 = Courtier
3000 - 4000 = Knight
over 4000 = Noble


Remember to take the Treasure from all eight Lairs on each level to get bonus charges for your Ring and Wand. Avoid combat with wandering Monsters that might waste Hits and weapon Charges. Don't waste time in the Corridors, but seek out the Lairs and take all the treasure you can. Keep the joystick pressed forward if you want to use the Sword, for it will close the distance between you and the Monster. When you're running low on Hits and Charges, try to make it out of the Crypts by ascending the Up Staircases to the surface. Be brave, be quick and trust in your luck. Good Hunting!


Programmer: John Marvin


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