Crossbow [Model CX7844]

Atari 7800 cart. published 33 years ago by Atari

Crossbow [Model CX7844] screenshot

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Crossbow (c) 1988 Atari Corp.

Over scorching deserts, through dark icy caverns, around a fiery volcano, and under the leafy cover of a steamy jungle, you set out with three brave friends to retrieve the treasures stolen by the Evil Master. Your goal is his castle far, far, away.

Your friends are lightly armed, but you carry your trusty crossbow. By shooting its swift arrows, you can save yourself and your companions from the dangerous attacks of the Evil Master's creatures -- scorpions, ants, pterodactyls, voracious plants, bats, snakes, and other horrible beings.

When you reach the castle, the Evil Master's expert archers await you, ready to test their aim with deadly arrows. Inside the castle, a fierce dragon also waits, gurading the treasure with its fiery breath.

Few adventurers have dared to make thie trek. No one yet has come back alive.


Model CX7844


Score points by shooting the Evil Master's creatures. Scores appear on the Danger Zone screens in place of the creatures you shoot.

Across the Desert
Snake: 2000 points
Rabbit: 1500 points
Vulture: 1000 points
Scorpion: 500 points
Ant: 500 points

Through the Caverns
Bat: 1000 points
Ghost: 1000 points
Falling Stalactite: 500 points
Hanging Stalactite: 500 points

At the Volcano
Burning Lava: 1000 points
Falling Rock: 500 points
Resting Rock: 500 points

In the Jungle
Coconut: 1500 points
Voracious Plant: 1500 points
Toucan: 1500 points
Monkey: 1000 points

In the Village
Lightning Bolt: 2000 points
Fireball: 2000 points
Wolf: 1500 points
Ghost: 1000 points
Witch: 1000 points
Agents in Windows.: 1000 points
Street light: 500 points

At the River
Alligator: 2500 points
Fro: 2000 points
Fish: 2000 points
Bird: 2000 points
Slime Monster: 1500 points
Boulder: 1000 points
Pterodactyl: 1000 points

Outside the Drawbridge
Pterodactyl: 2000 points
Alligator.: 1500 points
Archer: 1000 points
Arrow: 1000 points

Inside the Castle Hall
Statue's Staff: 2000 points
Dagger.: 1500 points
Arrow: 1500 points
Face in the Wall: 1500 points
Dragon's Fire: 1500 points
Torch: 500 points

The Evil Master
Red Eye: 5000 points
White Eye: 5000 points

In Every Danger Zone
The Evil Master's Eye: 5000 points

When you get all your friends past the Evil Master, you earn 250,000 bonus points.


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