Critical Depth [Model SLUS-00428]

Sony PlayStation CD published 26 years ago by GT Interactive Soft. Corp.

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Critical Depth © 1997 GT Interactive.


Game ID: SLUS-00428


Released on November 22, 1997 in the USA

Export releases:
[EU] "Critical Depth [Model SLES-00136]"


Producer: Randy Zorko
Lead Software Development: Steve Poulson
Lead 3D Graphics Designer: Ken Carlson
Director of Music and Sound: Sandra E. Geary
Air Director: Kellan Hatch
Director of Product Marketing: Heh-Kyu Sincock
Game Software Development: Nate Pendleton, Brad Edwards, Steve Willis
3D Graphics Designers: Suzanne Malloy, Karl Loveridge, Chad Liddell, Jonathan Hale, Deanna Lorenz
3D Graphics Tools: Russell Almond
3D Graphics Innovations: Bob Dawson, Pierre Dufresne
Sound Design: Mark Kartchner
Audio Programmers: Scott Turner, Kevin Steele
Video Editor: Ken Teutsch
Test Lead: Stephen Knopf
Testers: Thomas Zuccotti, Mike Snow, Mara'D Smith, Dan Silver, Jon Marquette, Tyler Pendleton, Randy Jones
Manual Design and Documentation: Sandra Beckstead
Concept Artist: Robert Gonzales
Game Design: Kellan Hatch, Peter Anthony Chiodo, Adam Peterson, Troy Leavitt, Michael Jackson
Game Shell Design: Peter Anthony Chiodo, Todd Downer, Brent Watts, Richard Watts, Mike Meyers, Tony Jones, Darren Peterson
Transition Stories: Troy Leavitt
Network Manager: Bryan Brown
Assistant Network Manager: Rex Funk
Produciton Assistant: Ginger Silver
Music Producer: Chuck E. Myers
Music Composers: Benjamin Carson, Tom Hopkins, Chuck E. Myers, Tino Saiki, Sandra E. Geary
Character Artist: Mike Dringenberg
Computer Animation: Benjamin Harrison, Matthew Harrison, Bob Lee, Tyler Williams, Steve Argyle, Brit Thurgood
Voice Talent: Robyn Wright, Jeff Bordner
Special Thanks: Scott Campbell, Mary Steer


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