Crimson Skies

Arcade Video game published 19 years ago by Tsunami Visual Technologies

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Crimson Skies © 2002 Tsunami Visual Technologies.

In an air pirate's world, it's all about fast planes and heavy firepower. The setting is 1937, and you are a dashing ace pilot. You'll go up against gigantic zeppelins, fighters, bombers, and a myriad of other enemies all out to get you! Put to life by the TsuMo? motion base, you will feel your stomach drop as you dive from the skies, and your teeth rattle as you let loose on the cannon. Try to keep it together as you maneuver amazing barrel rolls and loops.
* Choose from exciting missions in the lush islands of Hawaii, the foggy Northwest Coastline, the star-studded city of Hollywood, or the treacherous Rocky Mountains
* Rescue gorgeous dames from dastardly villains, dogfight enemy planes as you swoop from the clouds, and strut your stuff by stunt flying through city streets and tight caverns.
* Put your piloting skills to the test by going head-to-head with up to 16 friends in link-play action.
* Battle enemy zeppelins while protecting your own!


Tsumo Multi-Game Motion System


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Official website: http://tsunamivisual.com/prd_CS.html