Crimebusters Inc

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft. by Strobe

Not emulated in MAME


[COMPUTER] Sinclair ZX Spectrum Soft.

Crimebusters Inc © 1986 Strobe


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Crimebusters Inc is yet another of Harry Price's pirated games but is his most infamous one as it was the only game he got caught out for. The code is mostly stolen from Mastertronic's game 'Spellbound' and this was brought to their attention by Jim Douglas who worked for Sinclair User magazine. Having denied stealing the code at first he eventually admitted to it after Mastertronic threatened legal action against him. The game was subsequently withdrawn from sales.

Spectrum enthusiasts have since discovered a case of pirated stolen code in nearly ALL of Price's games, though Crimebusters Inc remained the only game he got in trouble for.


Game's ROM.

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