Crest of Wolf [Model HCD3044]

A 25-year-old NEC PC-Engine CD Game by Hudson Soft.

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Crest of Wolf © 1993 Hudson Soft.

Crest of wolf is a side-scrolling beat them up by Hudson Soft and based on of Westone's arcade game Riot City which was obviously inspired by other popular brawlers of the time such as Capcom's Final Fight. Before jumping into action, the player can select the fast and light-weight Hawk or the strong but slow Tony. The evil organization Jadoh has kidnaped Hawk's girlfriend and both heroes go on a mission to look for her through five long levels in the streets of New York. The game offers a limited range of moves, mainly punches, jump kicks and throws. There is also a special attack that drains some of our heroes life bar but cleans up most of the enemies on screen. The player can also collect items throughout the game such as Jewels or cameras which will increase the final score - others like Sushi or Chicken give our heroes some health back.
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Game ID: HCD3044


Crest of Wolf was released on February 26, 1993 in Japan for 6800 Yen.

[FR] March 1993 - Consoles + No. 18: 65/100

Crest Of Wolf is based on Sega's beat'em up called Riot City and released in 1991. The PC Engine version is however different. First of all, the main characters are called Hawk and Tony, their arcade counterparts are called Paul and Bobby - Tony is a punk-looking fighter and Bobby is a strong bloke with dark hair. The stage's layout was also rearranged - for instance the first stage from the arcade is actually the second level from the PC Engine version. The music soundtrack is also completely different and the PC Engine version sounds a lot better.

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