Cream of the Crop 6

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 26 years ago by Blount, Terry

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Cream of the Crop 6 © 1995 Blount, Terry

Contains software for the IBM PC and Compatibles including games! Here is the full list of games:

1993TRIS.ZIP: 1993 Tris Great Tetris Type Game With Different Twist. This Time You Have to Kill Fly. You can Also use 18 Different Weapons. It's A Lot More Challege Than Tetris.
1994POOL.ZIP: 1994 Pool - Outstanding Billiard Pool for Vga / Sb
1994TRIS.ZIP: Great Tetris Type Game With A Different Twist. This Time You Have to Kill Flies. You can Also use 18 Different Weapons. It's Much More Challenging Than Tetris. Version 6.02. From Ninano Software.
1995CARD.ZIP: Are You Looking for A Totally New Different Style and Exciting Card Game? Try This Very Popular Game Which is Played by Almost all 150 Million Japanese, Korean, and Many Americans As Well. Easy to Learn - Lot of Help
1FIFPIX2.ZIP: Reol Tough: Screen Shots! St. Lucifer's Church Eight Screen Shots of the Latest Reol Tough Level, St. Lucifer's Church.
1OMF.ZIP: Epic Games One Must Fall
1ROTPX2.ZIP: Rise of the Triad From Apogee 2nd Slide Show of Apogee's New Game "Rise of the Triad". Features the Most Violent 3d Action You've Ever Seen. Look Up/Dn Modem/Network, 13 Cool Weapons, Fly, Jump Break Glass, Mark Walls
1ROTT.ZIP: Rise of the Triad - Appogee 10 Level Demo!!
1STCLASH.ZIP: First Clash Missions for Armored Fist Bykeith Heitmann Based on the Candian military Training Manual Book Called first Clash by Kenneth Macksey. This Setcontains 10 Fully Test Custom Battle mission
28FRAG.ZIP: 28frag.Wad by Kapiolani This Level is for Those Who Want A Serious Fear Level As Well As Those Who Think They Ought to Succeed When They Dare and Make It!
2BOSSES.ZIP: 2bosses.Wad by Martin Titz
3DCUBE.ZIP: 3dcube V1.0 - the Best 3d Cube Puzzle Available. Features Very Smooth 3d Animation in 320x400x256 Mode. Works Just Like the Real Thing! Requires at Least A 286 With Vga. Mouse is Optional, But Highly Recommended.
3DPIT.ZIP: 3d-pitfall: Incredible Arcade Game, New for '95; Vga Action Without Motion Sickness; No Sex or Violence Here, But Its Terrific Anyway!
3DSOCCER.ZIP: Empire 3d Soccer Req.Vga.
75DEMO_1.ZIP: The Legend of Seven Paladins 3d Game Demo 1/3 Eight Channel Sound Effects and Music Support For: Gus, Pas 16, Sb, Adlib Roland, and Most Other Cards. Requires A 386+. Supports: Mouse/Joystick/Gamepad.
AGE_200.ZIP: Age of War is A Game of Global Conquest. You Start Out With One Unit Witch You use to Explore the World and to Find A Site for Your First City. After Building Your First City You Well be Able to Build More Units
AIRVBX.ZIP: Aircraft Instrument Controls (Vbx) This Control Displays Various Small Aircraft Flight Instruments, Including Compass, Rate of Climb, Altimeter, and Airspeed Indicator.
AL101.ZIP: Alien Legacy V1.01.
ALADDN_T.ZIP: A 5 Trainer for Aladdin Crack Featuring Level Skip Do/Rzr Risc Couriering '94.
AMY1PR.ZIP: Amy's First Primer.
APFAQ21.ZIP: This is the Apogee Faq (Frequently Asked Questions) V2.1. Contains all Kinds of Useful Information About Apogee Software. This is Not Written by Apogee, it Was Written by Samuel Stoddard.
APOG1194.ZIP: Apogee Software Catalog - Nov 94 This File Lists all the Currently Available Exciting Programs From Apogee Software, the #1 Shareware Game Publisher. This Archive Contains Current Copies of These Files.
APOGEE21.ZIP: Faq on Apogee Games & More - C/O Mister Dude.
ARMPATCH.ZIP: Wing Commander Armada Patch for Both Cd And.
ASTER101.ZIP: Tc Asteroids 1.01 3d Shoot-em-up Game of Avoiding On-comming Asteroids
ATCGAME.ZIP: Atc (Air Traffic Control) Simulation Game. Asan Air Traffic Controller You Are in Charge of the Terminal Area of A Medium Sized International Airport. It is Your Reponsibility to Vector the Departing Traffic
BATSHIPE.ZIP: Battle Animation! Comedic Banter! Mcga! Saves Up to 30 of Your Boards for Quickload Playing Screens Animated Backgrounds. "Digital Sound Ready"
BLITZ54.ZIP: Blitz-draughts, (C) Pc Solutions.-welcome to Blitz Draughts, the World'sstrongest Shareware Draughts Program! Blitzlets You Play Against the Computer, Anotherhuman Player
BLOODDEM.ZIP: Awesome and Gruesome Demo of Microprose's New Game Bloodnet. Req. Vga and Mouse But Wil Run Without Mouse. Full Sound Board Capabilit Due Out in September.
BOBDEMO1.ZIP: A Recorded Xquest .Dmo Demo File. I Made it to Level 24, Not My Personal Best However There Are Some Good Moves.
BODYBLOW.ZIP: High Quality Graphics Fighting Game
BOUT103.ZIP: Tc Bout 1.03 3d Game of Fighting Robots, Mainly Punching and Kicking.
BREAKTHR.ZIP: Puzzler Demo by Alexey Pajitnov.
BRET2AWE.ZIP: This is Just Like Brett2.Wad Except it Has Special Music Just for the Soundblaster Awe32 Card. If You Have the Card, You Have to Have This File. Plush, Heart Shaped Box, and Other Music Really Add to This Great Wad
BRETT2.ZIP: Brett2 V1.0 Replaces E2m1-e2m5. New Music, A Few New Sounds. Starts Out Simple and Gets to Mind Numbing. All Skill Levels Are Functional So This is A Great Pwad File for the Beginner to the Advanced Player.
BS30PAT6.ZIP: Blake Stone V3.0 Apogee Patch File This File is for Registered Owners of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Episodes 1-6 Only! If You Do Not Have the Registered Version of Episodes 1-6, This Will Do Nothing for You.
BS3R_TRN.ZIP: 11 Option Trainer for Black Stone V3.0r 11/14/94 Wd.
BTECH30C.ZIP: Latest Battletech 'Mech Editor 3.0c !
C64GAME8.ZIP: Even More Games for the C64s Emulator Jumpman Jr., Green Beret, Mission A.D., Black Thunder, More. Unconverted - use With C64s C64neu, or Pc64.
CANAS10.ZIP: Canasta Version 1.0 - Classic Partnership Card Game
CANTON10.ZIP: Canton V.1.0 Exploration and Trading Strategy Game
CAPFLAG3.ZIP: Capture the Flag! V3.0 New Play by E-mail! "This Wilderness Version of Hide-and-seek Remains the Most Exquisite Shareware Strategy Game for the Pc. What Makes it So Great?
CASINO_1.ZIP: Casino Tournament of Champions by Capstone Software. Part 1 of 2
CASINO_2.ZIP: Casino Tournament Card Games Part 2 of 2
CBOOK21.ZIP: Coloring Book Version 2.1! A Classic Child's Toy is Now Here for Your Pc. Coloring Book 2 Includes 10 Pictures (35 Pictures Come in the Registered Version.) the Program Supports 50 Colors, Sound Effects
CFODDER.ZIP: Cannon Fodder Arcade Game by Virgin Interactive Entertainment and Distributed by Mvp Software. This Hilarious New Retail Action Game That Has Taken England by Storm is Now Available As Shareware!
CHATCHEM.ZIP: An Interesting and Intense Game That Involves Catching Random Objects Before They Fall Off the Screen. The Games Gets Really Tense When the Pieces Start Going Really Fast! Need A Mouswe.
CHEAT109.ZIP: Cheat V10.9: the Ultimate List of Cheats and Debug Codes for Ms-dos Computer Games Over 247 Games Exist in This Realm, Where No Trainers Are Allowed, and No Level Passcodes can Enter This Neck of the Woods!
CHEQUERS.ZIP: Hell's Chequer Board-is This A Dream or is it Real You're Not Sure, One Thing You Do Know is You Want to be Out of This Place. You Must Find That Exit or Get Somebody to Pinch You Hard and Wake You Up
CHOOKV22.ZIP: Imagine Your Wandering Around Hell or Earth and all of A Sudden A 6 Foot Tall Chicken Jumps Out at You and Starts Throwing Eggs. Then You Whip Out You Chook Launcher, and Blow the Sucker Away.
CLIFT102.ZIP: Tc Choplifter 1.02 3d Helicopter Game of Saving Hostages and Shooting Tanks
CLX104.ZIP: Color Cross V1.04 is A Unique, Abstract and Kinetic Two-player Color Strategy Game Whose Objective is to Freeze all of Your Opponent's Pieces. Requires: 8086 Series Cpu, 300k Free Ram, Vga Color Graphics
COMA1120.ZIP: Simcity File; Work in Progress.
CONV13B.ZIP: Convert V1.3b, (C) 1994 Jesus Villena the Latest Solution to Obtain Samples.
COSMIC02.ZIP: Cosmic Debris Volume Two -sharew- Are Version -science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy Like You've Never Seen it Before. - No More Shareware Delay - Vga Graphics and Animation - Easy to Read. Hard to Forget Fiction
CRAPS32.ZIP: The Game of Craps can be an Intimidating and Confusing Experience for Newcomers. This Program Was Created Not Only As A Game But Also As A Learning Tool for Beginners and Seasoned Veterans Alike.
CROCK206.ZIP: Crock 2 Version 2.06 Crock is an all Purpose Cracker: it can Cracks More Than 450 Games Old and Recent. It Also Allows You to Cheat in 40 Games. The Package Includes Unp 3.11 Which Unpack Most Packed Executables
CROSSTOW.ZIP: Another City for Sim City 2000. A Very Spread Out City With 16 Million Cash to Play With.This City is Spread Out to Almost all Corners But Allowing for Still Even More Expansion. Enough Cash to Play for A while. Enjoy!
CYBERIA.ZIP: Walkthru - Cyberia Game by Interplay.
DAVETH.ZIP: A Very Nice and Running Smoothly City for Simcity 2000.Includes Almost 10 Million in Cash and the City is Still Generating Money This City Allows for Expansion As it is Still Open in 1 Full Corner.
DCNTGIF.ZIP: These Are A Few Screen Shots From the Soon To be Released Shareware Version of Interplay production's Descent. All of the Screen shots Were Taken Directly From Both Singleand Multi-player Games.
DEEPSWAD.ZIP: Wad by Enrique Zamudio Lopez
DINOEGG1.ZIP: Dinoegg Version 1.0 Dinoegg is Based on the Mother Dinosaur Laying Her Eggs Which Will Pop Out of the Botton of the Dino Mountains. As A Caveman Your Given A 3d Caveman Club Which You Will Pound Down on the Dino Eggs
DITKA94.ZIP: 1994 Nfl Teams for Mike Ditka's Ultimate Foo.
DM2THUD2.ZIP: Thud2! the Sequel to Thud!. Nine More Levels to Puzzle and Shoot Your Way Through. Replaces Maps 10 Through 18. If You Liked the First Episode Then You'll Like This One.
DMLVLFX.ZIP: A Program That Will Let You Flip Your Wads So If You Are Used to Turning Right to Get A Weapon You Will Now Have to Turn Left. Also A Program to Resize Your Wad to Allow for More Room When Playing Those Deathmatch Games.
DMOMF11.ZIP: Dmomf Revision 11/94. Patch Your Omf (One Must Fall) Saved Game Files. Max-out Your Robots Attributes.
DOUBLINK.ZIP: Mario Type Game
DSPHSOLV.ZIP: Solve for Dragon Sphere.
DUNGN32.ZIP: Dungeon, A Text Adventure. This is the Mainframe Prototype of the Zork 1,2,3 Text Adventures, Ported to the Pc. This Version is in the Public Domain and Contains the Source Code As Well As the Game.
DWEBCRAK.ZIP: Unprotect for the Game Dreamweb by Empire.
EACTION.ZIP: Alright all You Fighter Jocks Out There! Try This Playable Demo of Evasive Action Flight Simulator.
EAW251.ZIP: Empires at War V 2.51.
EUROPE.ZIP: Travel/Geography Game on Europe
EVASIV11.ZIP: Evasive Maneuvers. Lush Graphics, Realistic Digital Sound Effects, and A Wonderful Sound Track Set the Stage for A Thrilling Flying Experience. Just Collect Fuel No Destruction
E_PYROS.ZIP: New Robot for One Must Fall 2097 (Pyros) Ggaam9me4ess Extreme 94 the Best in Warez.
FALTSR.ZIP: Speed Up Connections on Falcon III, and Mig-29 Using This Shareware Program. Commtsr.Com Speeds Up the Connections During Modem-to-modem Play. Coolie.Com and Coolkey.Com
FF13D102.ZIP: Foxfire 13 Solitaire for DOS Version 1.02 - by Randy Rasa and Todd Svec Great Card Game From the Creator of Solitaire Suite and the Sysop of Foxfire Bbs. Simple to Learn, Not So Easy to Master Solitaire Game
FFLM94I.ZIP: Fantasy Football League Mgr Ver "I".Keep Track of all Aspects of Your Fantasyfootball League With Ease and Flexibility!up to 20 Teams in 4 Divisions With Anytype of Scoring System You Define.
FINIS2.ZIP: This is A Follow Up of My Famous Finis.Wad That is Going to Blow Your Socks Off! Supports Two Player and Deathmatch. E1m1.
FLEECE.ZIP: The Fellowship of the Fleece is A Text-only Adventure Game; 11/02/94; Jim Macbrayne.
FPSBB101.ZIP: Front Page Sports Baseball 1.01 Update Patch.
FR345.ZIP: Future Runner V 3.45
GARGENTI.ZIP: Tales of Gargentihr Frpg Info From Sanctuary Games Web Page.
GDM005.ZIP: Game Developers Magazine Issue 5, for all Programming Languages.
GENIUS2.ZIP: A Wonderful Trivia Game by Austmac Software. Version 2.0 Lots of Fun. Does Not Require Anything Beyond Ansi Color and A Ibm at or Better.
GOLFH42.ZIP: Golf Handicapper 4.2. Stores Any Number of Scores for Any Number of Players and Automatically Calculates Their Index and Handicap for Each Game. Can be Used by Individual Players, Teams, or Entire Golf Clubs.
GOLFTS20.ZIP: Golf Tournament Scorekeeper V2.0 Calculates Gross and Net Scores With Established or Callaway Handicap Method. Outputs A Sorted Leader Board or Skins Results to Screen or Printer. Allows Up to 10 Separate Flights
GOLF_93F.ZIP: Golflog V9.3f Golf Handicapping System and Database.
GOT110.ZIP: God of Thunder V1.1 Impulse Thor Battles and Plots His Way Past Dozens of Puzzles and Hundreds of Enemies to Reach the Final Showdown With the Evil Serpent Who is Terrorizing Innocent Villagers! A Great Adventure
GREENDAY.ZIP: Krow Presents Basket Case by Green Day - With Musicdisk Player V1.1 - Also Includes A Preview of Sojourn. In S3m Format
GSE1194.ZIP: Gse V1.00 (Dos) 11/94 Pack (For 55 Games) Generic Savegame Editor the All-at-once Package for Your Favorite Games. Control Attributes, Levels, Values Items & More. Fast & Simple to Use, But Also Powerful! Requires: Vga
GWIZ250.ZIP: Game Wizard V2.50 the Most Powerful Game Cheating Utility Ever Developed Anywhere in the World. Now With Full DOS Extender Support Under all Memory Managers.
G_O_LIFE.ZIP: The Game of Life With Source Code. By Zaskoda. This Version Has A Full Graphic Interface and Built in Editor.
HB4DEMO.ZIP: Demo of Upcoming Accolade Game: Hardball 4 Demo is Playable and Features 256 Color Svga Graphics /W Video Capture Technology.
HEART.ZIP: Guide the Elf Percival Through Twenty Levels of Puzzles Featuring 256-color Animated Graphics! Heartlight is A Puzzle Game From Epic Megagames and Xland Games and It's Sure to Keep You Up Late at Night
HS10.ZIP: Home Stretch Horse Racing Simulation W/ Wagering
HTIC_V10.ZIP: Heretic is A Supernatural Blast-fest That is the Most Realistic, Action-packed Fantasy Combat Computer Game for the Pc. Created by the Graphic Masters at Raven Software in Concert With the Technical Gurus of Id Software
HWYHUNTR.ZIP: Highway Hunter: From Safari Software A Fast Frantic and Furious Arcade Blast Fest! Guide Your Advanced Assault Vehicle, the Master Through Roads of Destruction and Carnage. 256-color Parallax-scrolling Graphics
ICARDSGN.ZIP: Designs Drawn by Me for Indycar Racing. Cars Include Taco Bell Car, Hooters Car, Jurrasic Park Car, Mortal Kombat II Car, Star Wars Car, Megadeth Car, Spawn Car, Origin Car, and Others.
ICHNG11.ZIP: Ancient Chinese Fortune Telling and Philosophy. You Toss Coins or Sticks to Create A Pattern of Six Lines, Forming A Hexagram for Interpretation. Select the Traditional Yarrow-stick Method, Coin-toss Computer's Choice
IG_FIX01.ZIP: Interactive Gaming Custom Font Install: This File is Only Required by Those Who Received the Special Interactive Gaming Premier Issue (Runtime Edition) Three-disk Installation Set Prior to December 1, 1994.
INFCMSAM.ZIP: Infocom Sampler Program. Contains Demo Versions of Four Classic Text Adventures: Zork 1, Infidel, Witness and Planetfall.
INTRDR11.ZIP: Space Intruders 1.1 - Classic Space Invaders for Vga
IRONHORS.ZIP: Ironhors.Zip is A Course for Jnug (Jack Nickl it is an Original Design Based on the Arthur by John Strawn Entitled "Driving the Green".
ISDEMO.ZIP: Iron Seed Demo V1.10 Requires Vga, Mouse 580k, DOS 4 386/33 - Faster is Better! Awesome Dolby Surround Music With an Aria Proaudio, Sound Blaster or Gravis Ultrasound or Compatible With 600k and 1meg Ems.
ISW.ZIP: Inter-stellar Wars is A Highly Detailedtactical Space Combat Adventure. In the Year2249, Humans Colonized the Renzaar System.Colonization of Omicron Began First Becauseit Was Remarkably Like Earth.
JAZZXMAS.ZIP: New! Jazz Jackrabbit Christmas Edition This is an All-new Christmas Edition of Jazz Jackrabbit, the Breakthrough Pc Thriller That Won Best Arcade Game of the Year! 100% New Levels, New 3d Bonus Stages, New Rockin' Holiday
JIGSA2.ZIP: Jigsaw Puzzle V1.2 Shareware. DOS 3.1, Ega or Vga, 500k Ram. The First Truly Realistic Jigsaw Puzzle Simulation Features Original Artwork, Piece Grouping, and Three Levels of Difficulty. Mouse or Keyboard Operation.
JOUST103.ZIP: Tc Joust 1.03 3d Game of Knights Mounted on Giant Birds in A Mid-air Joust
KQ7HINTS.ZIP: Hints for King's Quest 7 New Game by Sierra.
LAXFS5.ZIP: Las Vegas for Flight Simulator V.
LDRNCDUP.ZIP: Update for Lode Runner Cd-rom Version 1994 Game by Sierra This File Contains the Necessary Files to Upd Your Copy of Lode Runner-windows Cd-rom. Thi Update Corrects A Problem With Restoring Save Games
LIFTOR.ZIP: Liftor! (E1m1) for Deathmatch V2.0 Makes Deathmatch What it Was Meant to Be, Pure Action! This Pwad by Vab Contains Over 100 Lifts-sink Holes, Collapsing Stairs, and Floors That Drop Out From Under You.
LODRXMAS.ZIP: Game Levels for Loderunner 1994 Sierra Game Including Some for Christmas.
LORD320A.ZIP: Legend of the Red Dragon V 3.20a.
LORDCO15.ZIP: Lordcops V1.5! for L.O.R.D. V3.20 Police That Patrol Your Lord Game! Prostitution Arrest Assault & Battery, Etc! by Sons of Salami!
LORDMON.ZIP: Lord Monster Expansion, V1.0 Add Custom Monsters to Legend of the Red Dragon, Version 3.20a! This is Not Just Another Monster Editor, This Allows You to Increase the Number of Monsters
LORD_DM.ZIP: Lord Deathmatch by John Lea A Great Deathmatch Level. Weapons Include the Chainsaw, Shotgun, Chaingun, and 2 Rocket Launchers. There Are A Few Secret Places and Lots of Dark Rooms. But to Prove It, You Play it Yourself
LOTR1.ZIP: Lord of the Rings Walk Through This is Not Only A Walk Through for Interplay's Lord of the Rings for Cd and Disk, But A Walk With Some Useful Maps to Help in Those Tough Areas.
LOTRF101.ZIP: Lords of the Realm 1994 Game by Impressions Floppy Version Modem Update This File is Self Extracting Archive That You Copy to the Lords Directory and Type Lotrf101 When it Asks You to Overwrite Say Yes.
MARKANA.ZIP: Escape From Markana - Version 1.0. Requires Ega/Vga/Svga, Hard Disk, and 640k Ram. You Have Been Captured by Markana and Put in Their 6-level Labyrinth Filled With Obstacles, Puzzles, Traps, and Treasures.
MCARNFAQ.ZIP: Maximum Carnage F.A.Q. V1.3 Snes and Sega Genesis Comprehensive Manual With all Moves Descriptions and More, Worth the Download If You Have Maximum Carnage for the Genesis or the Snes.
MEGATRON.ZIP: Megatron Vga is A Game That is Two Battle Robots Fighting it Out in A Maze-like World. Excellent Ray-traced Graphics. Needs Vga
MEGAWARP.ZIP: The Fairest Deathmatch Level of all - We've all Known People to Complain About Cheaters and This Level Prevents It. Everyone Gets A Weapon, Before They Fight, So No One can Say "I Didn't Have A Weapon!".
MIG15.ZIP: Set of Highly Detailed Shape Files of A Mig-15 Fighter for Doamrk's Flight Sim Toolkit.
MINIZORK.ZIP: Demo Version of Infocom's Classic Text Adventure, Zork 1. Fully Playable, But Contains Only Part of the Game.
MJ_BASS.ZIP: Mj Tileset: Bass Fishing Lures.
MLEDIT10.ZIP: Mledit V1.0 - Monster Editor for Legends of the Red Dragon Door Game. Allow You to Change the Monsters Anyway You Want! Freeware! by Retro Software Designs
MMPLANES.ZIP: Multimedia Planes - This is A Multimedia Shareware Program Displaying Picture,sound and Info on 20 Planes(50 Reg.Ver.) With Music or Sound.
NAVMATE.ZIP: Pilot's Flight Planning Program W/2400+ Airports, 1100+ Vors, 20 Planes Printout Give Lat.& Long.Radio Freqs. Field Elevation Canada & Caribbean and 48 Contiguous States.
NOCTHNT.ZIP: Hints for Noctropolis New Cd-rom Adventure Game.
NOCTRPLS.ZIP: Walkthrough of the New Game Noctropolis From Electronic Arts.
NOWUCME.ZIP: Now You See Me Now You Don't, by Brian Wright Deathmatch Only. A Snipers Dream, Seven Hidden Rooms With One Way Walls. Simple Rooms With all Weapons and Lots of Goodies, But be Careful
NVL9412A.ZIP: Shareware Neverlock Winter 94 Unprotects Over 400 Games all Unlocks Tested Visa Mc Amex Universal Neverlock New Price $59.95
NW750.ZIP: Nuclear War V 7.50
OMFCHEAT.ZIP: Cheat for One Must Fall to Give You More Money in Tournament Mode. Finish the Game for A Change!
OMFEDIT.ZIP: One Must Fall Editor V1.0 - (C)legend Cheats Inc. /: /-the Will of God!-/ /.
OMFTC_11.ZIP: One Must Fall 2097: the Cheat V1.1 Omf-tc is A Cheat for One Must Fall 2097 That Allows the User to use $2,147,483,647k to Buy Misc. Items Such As New Robots or Robot Upgrades in Tournament Mode.
OUTPTINF.ZIP: Oupost From Sierra. Information Files.
OXYD_V3B.ZIP: Oxyd is A Challenge in Exploration and Discovery That Introduces the Player to Interesting Puzzles, Elaborate Mazes Friction, Velocity, Gravity, Electricity, Etc
PEAC2LMP.ZIP: This is A 2 Player Deathmatch 2.0 Lmp File Wolfgang Grassl Vs. Ch (Green) (I
PEA_ESP.ZIP: For_user Explore Esp Abilities and Phenomena - 386+/Vga
PINBAL2.ZIP: Pinball - Epic Games V2.00 - Great Pinball Game for the Pc
PINOC101.ZIP: Pinochle Version 1.01 - Double-deck Auction Pinochle.
PIZZAS11.ZIP: Save Our Pizzas V1.1 256 Color Vga Arcade Style Game. Use W/Keyboard, Joysticke or Gravis Game Pad. Registration $30 (Usa).
PPONG103.ZIP: Tc Ping Pong 1.03 3d Ping Pong Game.
PURPOSE.ZIP: Purpose.Wad - an E2m1 Replacement Wad With Music and Sound Replacement. Great Midi Sound With the Awe32. Tasteful Enhancements to the Sounds. This is Mainly Designed for Solo Play Deathmatch
PUZZLEX.ZIP: Puzzlex Aids in Solving Crosswords and Other Types of Word Puzzles. It is Easy to use But Also Flexible and Powerful in Its Ability to Search Through the Supplied Dictionary to Suggest Solutions.
QF30S.ZIP: Quiet Flight 3.0, Advanced Macros for Tse This is the Much Anticipated Release of the Quiet Flight Macros for the Semware Editor. Although Tailored Primarily for Xbase Programmers, Many Features Are Usable by Programmers
QSETUP2.ZIP: This is A Fix for Gametek's Quarantine to Correct Problems With the Thrustmaster Steering Wheel. Unzip This File Into Your Quarantine Directory, and Re-run Setup to Calibrate the Steering Wheel.
QUANT220.ZIP: Jump Through Time.. Will Check Your Spelling and Give You Up to Three Extra Chances If You Match at Least Half the Letters in the Name Correctly.
QUIZMC25.ZIP: Quiz Machine 2.5 Emulation of Arcade Trivia Questions Game
REBEL18.ZIP: Rebel Assault V 1.8 Upgrade From Lucasarts This Patch is Intended to Fix "Unexpected Interrupt" Errors, Joystick Jumpiness Running on Dark Monitors, Running Sound Cards at Dma 0, and Some DOS Extender Incompatibilities.
RK920.ZIP: Rebel Kingdom V 9.2
RNAWAY51.ZIP: Runaway 5.10 - Great Action/Survival Online Game by Tph Software!
ROBTRN11.ZIP: Robotron - Fast Play in This Vga Version of A Classic.
ROYPOK31.ZIP: This Program, Royal Video Poker, is A Full Featured Draw Poker Program That Has Jacks or Better, Joker Poker, and Deuces Wild. It Also Has High/Low Double Up and Triple Draw Options. Music and Speech Are Available
RRX218.ZIP: Railroad Empires V 2.18.
RTZCDSGS.ZIP: Return to Zork These Are A Bunch of Saved Games for the Great Game "Return to Zork" for Cd-rom. Make Sure You Have the Cd-rom Version or These Games Won't Work! Enjoy!
RWMAZE.ZIP: Renderware(Tm) Demo of A 3d Maze. Apparently A Better Engine Than Doom's. Requires Windows 3.1 or Higher. Supports Microsoft's Wing Library.
SB3006.ZIP: Starbase 3 is A Standalone Program That Contains A Database of all Trek Episodes Ever Codes, Airdates, Etc. This is A Demo Version.
SBBXMAS.ZIP: Billy Bear is it Christmas Yet? Vga Educational Multimedia Program. Childrens Story Book W/ Animation, Children's Melodies .Cmf Music & Special Sound Effects. Human Voice and Text-to-speech Used to Tell This Christmas
SC2BAYVI.ZIP: Simcity 2000 City.
SC2DAVE.ZIP: A Sim City 2000 City. Some Problems, But Alot of Potential for the Right City Engineer. Lots of Cash to Play With, See If You can Make it Grow and Prosper.
SC3_102.ZIP: Stellar Conquest III V1.04 - Space Strategy Wargame, Vga/Mouse Required. 286+ Required. Design Your Own Ships, and Play A 2 to 4 Player Game (Any of Which can be Human or Computer). Select From Plasma Cannons Lasers
SCRINVDR.ZIP: Arcade Game Like Space Invaders.
SEAHAV22.ZIP: Seahaven Towers is A Solitaire Card Game That Requires More Skill and Patience Than Luck. This is Mostly A Bug Fix, But it Does Contain New Card Bitmaps Optimized for High Res.
SERENITY.ZIP: Serenity. Wad
SKULS20A.ZIP: Skulas - by Westworld & Donald Sinkiewicz You Are the Great Space Adventurer, George P Shagnasty. You Have Landed on the Planet Skulas Looking for A Cool Drink. There Are 20 Levels, Each With A Multitude of Traps
SKUNNY1.ZIP: Skunny1 & Rosie-back to the Forest #1. Good Game for the Little One's,lot's of Fun Playing This Game. Great G.
SLICK128.ZIP: Simple Car Game From Finland With Sound Effects, Mouse, Joystick.
SMISH100.ZIP: Tc Skirmish 1.0 3d Capture the Flag, Paint Ball Shooting Game.
SOL151.ZIP: This Game of Solitaire is Based on the Klondike Version, in Which 7 Stacks of Cards With 1-7 Cards Are Dealt. The Top Card of Each Stack is Placed Face Up, and the Remaining Cards Are Placed Face Down in the Draw Pile.
SPELL10B.ZIP: Card Database for Spellfire (Tm) Game! A Specially Designed Database for Players of Spellfire (Tm) D&d Type Adventure Card Game. Tracks all of Your Player Cards, Sorts Them by Number and Explodes Full Card View
SPELL10C.ZIP: Spellfire(Tm) Card Collector Database V1.0c A Freeware Program by Thomas Burker for the Serious Player and Card Collector of the Popular D&d Card Game Spellfire(Tm). Sorts Cards by Number, Name, Category, Power Copies
SQUARX.ZIP: Squarex V1.0 Req.Ega/Vga Squarx10.Zip Race Against the Clock in This Exciting Fast Paced Game Where You Maneuver Your Yellow Cube Around A Puzzle Board Capturing Grids by Traveling all 4 Sides. Avoid the Killer Orange
SR_PRO10.ZIP: Super Retriss Pro 1.0 - Best Tetris Clone Supports Vga/Sb/Mouse
SSELECT1.ZIP: Superselects Greyhound Race Analysis/Data Handicapper. 286 Min W/Hd
STARCRDE.ZIP: Playable Demo of Star Crusader by Gametek Allows You to Go on One Mission and Explore the Game Options. Requires Vga, 386 , Sound Card and 2m Ram.
STARS10.ZIP: Lucky Stars Video Slot Machine
STLKER.ZIP: Stalker 1: Path of Fire the Stunning 256-color Vga Action Game From Mm Software Productions: There is A Zone, A Radioactive Contamination Zone, A Zone of Death and Decay!only One Man - the Stalker is Brave Enough to Enter
TAROT31.ZIP: Now You can Enjoy Professional-quality Tarot Card Readings on Your Pc! Personal Tarot Automates Shuffling and Dealing, Builds A Ten-card Layout, and Displays Card Descriptions and Meanings (No Pictures).
TBD101B.ZIP: The Beast's Domain V1.01b (Unregistered) A Multi-player, Interactive, Ansi, Real-time Adventure Game for Synchronet BBS Systems. Supports Up to 250 Players.
TCG20.ZIP: Telecards V2.0 Modem Games for 2 Players: Gin Rummy, Crazy 8's, Cribbage
TOWERMOD.ZIP: Mod Files From Apogee's Mystic Towers Includes Opening Theme, Level Music, Etc. 4 Channel, Should Play on Any Standard Mod Player. Uploaded With Permission From Apogee Software.
TROLLS.ZIP: If You Like Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, Your Gonna Love Trolls on Your Pc.. Requirements: 286+, 640k Ram, Ega/Vga
TUBES110.ZIP: Tubes 1.1 - Dramatic Arcade Strategy Game From Impulse - Vga/Sb
TUNNELM.ZIP: Tunnelman A Semi-action Arcade Game Similar to Lode Runner or Donkey Kong. Minimum 286 Vga, Ms-dos 5.0. From Taiwan 11/94 [email protected]
TWAST22.ZIP: Trade Wars 2002 Assistant V2.20 - an Excellent Offline Tw2002 Player Utility!
TWHELP86.ZIP: Trade Wars Helper Release 8.6 is A Terminal Program With an Optional Graphical User Interface Used Online With the BBS Door Game "Trade Wars 2002".
TWORLD.ZIP: The Ultimate in Trade Wars (V2.0) Add-on Programs. Trade World Will Add A New Dimension to Your Game! Similar to Tw Services, Written for Tw (V2.0) Beta 5. Download This and Let Your Users Decide!
TXTRIS30.ZIP: Textris 3.0 - Tetris With Falling Letters - Vga/Sb
U8_MIDS.ZIP: Here it is - the Long Awaited Collection of General Midi Music From Ultima8 - Pagan! Includes all the Music From the Game Provided in Standard Mid Format.
UFO102.ZIP: Ufo, the Card Game V1.02 Nb - A High Powered Uno Clone With Vga Graphics and Digital Talking Alien Opponents! Adlib, Soundblaster and Internal Speaker Supported for Digital Playback. Vga and 286 Required. 640k Ram
ULTGOLF.ZIP: This is the Best Golf Simulation Around! It's the Only Golf Stragity Game Involving Full Course Management. You can Plan and Play Shots From the Ground, or You can Plan and Play With an Overhrad View. Requires Vga
WAKE101.ZIP: Darksun: Wake of the Ravager Update Fixes Tons of Bugs Like the Cd-music. Etc. Upgrades From V1.0 to V1.01.
WARCHEAT.ZIP: Warcheat - Cheat for the Game Warcraft V1.12 Version 1.0 - 11/22/94 Author: John Fowler Allows You to Increase Your Lumber & Gold to 999,999 and Also Expose the Entire Map!
WC3FAQ2.ZIP: The Unofficial Faq V1.10 for Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger Released October 24 1994 Compiled by James Hogan. Not Endorsed by Origin Systems.
WCSKEN10.ZIP: Wcs Keno V1.0 - Fun, Fast-paced Keno Game Just Like Playing the Lottery, Only Better! Visually Exciting Screens, Plus Watch Out for Those Pickpockets! Registered Version Comes With Make-up Days Enabled. Requires No Key
WM3D126A.ZIP: Wizard Maze 3d V1.26 100 Levels of Confusing 3d Mazes. Your Users Enter As A Young Apprentice Who Has Mistakenly Put Himself on Trial. They Must Navigate the Mazes Using Spells, Automap, and A Compass
WOLFSCRS.ZIP: All of the Graphics Images in Wolfenstein 1.4 Extracted W/Wolfedit 2.0 & Placed Into 6x6 Arrays W/Vesaview 5.3. Useful When Replacing Game Images W/Barney, Beavis, Etc. All 8 Gifs Are in 1024 X 768 Format.
WORLD106.ZIP: Tc Virtual World 1.06 3d Shoot-em-up Game Against Opposing Tanks and Planes
WRCCHEAT.ZIP: Cheat to the Great Game -warcraft(Which is Playable Over Networks) Unlimited Wood & Gold.
WW_2_1_A.ZIP: Warwizard V2.1 Shareware Rpg Vga/Sb 1/2
WW_2_1_B.ZIP: Warwizard V2.1 Shareware Rpg Vga/Sb 2/2
WZ111.ZIP: Warzone V1.11: Game Where the Year is 2041 & the World Has Gone to Hell - As the Leader of One of the World's Most Powerful Armies, You Must Attack and Dispose of Your Enemies to Form the Ultimate World Empire
XATAX.ZIP: Xatax V1.00s - Pixel Painters - Epitome of Nintendo Style Shooters! New Game!
XERIX2.ZIP: Xerix II: the Caverns of Mars Awesome Shoot 'Em Up Arcade Action From Brendan Reville and Twilight Software. Battle A Bizarre Alien Force in the Depths of the Caverns of Mars. With 256 Color Parallax Scrolling
XWARMADA.ZIP: The Enforcement Armada an X-wing Tour of Duty Specifically Designed for the Black Squadron Update Patch for X-wing Flight Sim, This Will Provide A Great Challenge to all of Those Using Black Squadron
XWORDC11.ZIP: Crossword Challenge - Vga Puzzle Game Solve Electronic Crossword Puzzles on Your Computer! Answer Peek, Save Work Options Featured. Requires Vga & Hd. Attractive and Fun Game. Version 1.1
YANK_NEW.ZIP: Updated .Exe and .Ovr File for Yankees and Red Necks. The Game Was Exiting With A Runtime Error If A 0 Byte File Existed, This File is Now Automatically Deleted in the Beginning of the Game If it Has A Filesize of 0
ZARKOVBK.ZIP: Opening Books for the Chess Game Zarkov.
_1AC.ZIP: Alien Carnage V1.0 Shareware Episode
_1AC_A.ZIP: Alien Carnage V1.0 Shareware Episode Part 1 of 4
_1AC_B.ZIP: Alien Carnage V1.0 Shareware Episode Part 2 of 4
_1AC_C.ZIP: Alien Carnage V1.0 Shareware Episode Part 3 of 4
_1AC_D.ZIP: Alien Carnage V1.0 Shareware Episode Part 4 of 4
_1BOPPIN.ZIP: Apogee's Boppin V1.0 Shareware Episode
_1HP11.ZIP: Hocus Pocus V1.1 by Apogee! (Vga) 386sx or Higher - 567k Required Sound - Ad Lib, Gus, Pas, Sb & General Midi. Three Skill Levels, Joystick/Pad Optional.
_1WACKY.ZIP: Wacky Wheels V1.1 From Apogee! 386 (Or Higher) W/2 Megs Required! A High-speed, Vga 3d Point-of-view, Full Screen Racing Game. Shareware Version Has 5 Race Tracks Plus Specialty Tracks for Shoot Outs. Also, Two Player
_1WW_A.ZIP: Wacky Wheels V1.1 From Apogee! 386 (Or Higher) W/2 Megs Required! Part #1/4. Also Requires #1ww-b, -c, -d.Zip. A High-speed, Vga 3d Point-of-view, Full Screen Racing Game. Shareware Version Has 5 Race Tracks
_1WW_B.ZIP: Wacky Wheels V1.1 From Apogee! Part #2/4
_1WW_C.ZIP: Wacky Wheels V1.1 From Apogee! Part #3/4.
_1WW_D.ZIP: Wacky Wheels V1.1 From Apogee! Part #4/4.
_KAPTURE.ZIP: Kapture 3d (V1.0) - by Nate Goudie an Intense Two Player Action/Strategy Game of "Capture the Flag" Which Takes Place in the Years Following A Nuclear Holocaust. Requires 386 and 256 Color Vga.
_RSSNDBX.ZIP: The Sandbox V1 By: Randy Sommerfelda Simple Deathmatch Level That Willkeep You Occupied for Hours!instant 'Meetings' With Your Bestfriend or _YUPHEX_.ZIP: Yuphex! the Only Solar System to Have A Sun W/Bomb on It! That's Right, You the Visitor can Find the 4 Shields on the Planets of Yuphex to Get to the Bomb Without Burning to A Crisp and Save
__SPACE.ZIP: Tommy's Space Pak I Do You Ever Feel You'd Like to Get Away? to Space? Well Here's Your Next-best Choice: 7 Neat Fun Software Toys for Space Travel Nuts! Make Your Pc Into A Silly Spaceship