Cream of the Crop 3

IBM PC/AT DOS CD published 27 years ago by Blount, Terry

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Cream of the Crop 3 © 1994 Blount, Terry

Contains softwares for the IBM PC and Compatibles including games! Here is the full list of games:

11BONES.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
1994T2.ZIP: Tony Larussa Baseball 1994 Teams. Last Revision Date in Archive: 02-27-94.
1ARCY.ZIP: Arcy 2 V1.0 - by Mvp Software. Graphical Puzzle Game, Hot Graphics, Cool Puzzles.
1BS20_A.ZIP: Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee 3-d Action. 1 of 4.
1BS20_B.ZIP: Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee 3-d Action. 2 of 4.
1BS20_C.ZIP: Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee 3-d Action. 3 of 4.
1BS20_D.ZIP: Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee 3-d Action. 4 of 4.
1BSPIX3.ZIP: Blake Stone Musical Slide Show Jam/Apogee
1HH12_A.ZIP: Halloween Harry V1.2 Apogee Game! 1 of 4.
1HH12_B.ZIP: Halloween Harry V1.2 Apogee Game! 2 of 4.
1HH12_C.ZIP: Halloween Harry V1.2 Apogee Game! 3 of 4.
1HH12_D.ZIP: Halloween Harry V1.2 Apogee Game! 4 of 4.
1HHPIX2.ZIP: Halloween Harry Slide Show by Apogee!!
1HH_GUS.ZIP: Halloween Harry Gravis Ultrasound Fix.
1RAPPIX.ZIP: Apogee's Raptor Slide Show of Upcoming Mega-hit Raptor!
1RAPTOR.ZIP: Raptor! From Apogee. Ultra Vga Screens and All Sound Cards Supported. You Are the Agent Raptor Flying Around the Universe Fighting
2002V2B5.ZIP: Tradewars 2002 V25
23CASTLE.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 03-28-94.
2BIT_310.ZIP: Two Bit Poker V3.10 the Best Video Poker Machine to Try. This Version Fixes All Known Bugs. a Few Enhancements Too!
3DXWD124.ZIP: Three-dimensional Crossword Puzzle
3POINT.ZIP: 3 Point Basketball Graphics Sports Game
4DN_PIX.ZIP: Duke Nukem II Slide Show Preview!!
4DUKE_A.ZIP: Duke Nukem II Apogee's Sequel! 1 of 3.
4DUKE_B.ZIP: Duke Nukem II Apogee's Sequel! 2 of 3.
4DUKE_C.ZIP: Duke Nukem II Apogee's Sequel! 3 of 3.
5KSIM.ZIP: A Simcity 2000 City With 5 Million People And 1.6 Billion Dollars to Work With. Has Lots Of Arcologies. See If You Can Make it Better. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-13-94.
A10WART.ZIP: A-10 Warthog for Flight Simulator 4.0. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-04-94.
ABYSS_OK.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-09-94.
ACBJ12.ZIP: Atlantic City Blackjack, With Multiple Players
ACHKV12.ZIP: Argo Checkers - Remake of a Classic! From Software Creations & Argo Games. Gorgeous Graphics, Great Sound, and Smooth Play Make This the Most Enjoyable Checkers Game Ever! Includes Over a Meg of Animated256 Color
AIRPTS11.ZIP: Fs4-fs5-atp One File Has it All Nov 22/93 Rev: List of Airports Worldwide. Game Adjunct
AITD2SAV.ZIP: This is a Saved Game for Alone in the Dark2. It Gives You Lots of Health Points and Ammo. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-14-94.
ALONESAV.ZIP: Last Five Save Games for Alone in the Dark
ALONE_2.ZIP: Alone in the Dark II V1.0 a Complete Step by Step Walkthru of This Difficult Game.
ALPHA.ZIP: Escape From Memory Alpha
ALPHAMAN.ZIP: Push Letter Blocks Into Place Ega/Vga
AMBUSHDM.ZIP: Another Fine New Level for Doom in Pwad Format. for Registered Doom Only. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-15-94.
ANSISKI.ZIP: Fun and Addicting Ski Game Where You or You and a Friend (Using the Two Player Simultaneous Play Option) Try to Ski Farther Than Anyone Has Ever Gone Before! Only the Best Will be Able to Make It.
ANTRUN.ZIP: Ant Run V1.1 Req.Ega/Vga & Mouse Race Against the Clock As You Rotate Tunnels for the Ant to Run Through. Quick Thinking and Fast Reflexes Are Required to Keep the Ant Scurrying Through the Ant Hill Passage Ways.
ANTS104.ZIP: Ants, V1.04 the Object of the Game is to Bring Seeds to the Queen Ant. the Queen May Then Create More Ants, to Bring More Seeds, to Make More Ants, Etc.
ATLANTIS.ZIP: Atlantis Adventure From Compuserve
BAKUHS.ZIP: Betrayal At Krondor Uhs Hint File. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-07-94.
BALLOONC.ZIP: Logic/Arcade Game - Launch Balloons Into Sky Maze Ega/Vga
BANDOR.ZIP: A Game.. Very Cool
BARNES.ZIP: Wavs of David Barnes At Hal-pc User Group (June '93)
BATS23.ZIP: Invasion of the Mutant Space Bats of Doom Shareware Version 2.3- the Best Arcade-type Shoot'em-up for the Pc! Supports 1 or 2 Players, Mouse, Joystick, Sound Cards and Pc Speaker. Best on Vga. Last Revision Date In Archive
BBARNEY.ZIP: Bonk Barney - Catch the Dinosaurs With a Hammer
BDOOM.ZIP: Barney Doom! At Last! the True Evil Genius Behind Doom is Revealed to Be..Barney! and His Sponge Minions!
BELLSE.ZIP: Bellingrath Gardens Golf Club. This File is for Use Only With Jack Nicklaus Golf Signatur Edition. a Fictional Course Set in the Florial Beauty of the Gardens At Bellingrath.
BERNIE10.ZIP: Bernie V1.0. Action/Arcade Rescue Game; Supports Adlib, Soundblaster or Pc Speaker.
BKILL.ZIP: This Game is for Windows 3.1. it is a Great Game for All Those Who Cant Stand That Lovable Purple Dinosaur. the Graphics Could Use a Facelift But the Theme is Great. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-09-94.
BLAKECHT.ZIP: 30,000% Health in Shareware Blake Stone. Game Adjunct.
BLAKEMAP.ZIP: Blake Stone Floor Maps! What's Better Than Gold? Floor Maps to Find That Gold! Game Adjunct Requires Bmp Viewer & Blake Stone
BLAKMP10.ZIP: Blake Stone Mapping Utility V1.0. Special Configuration File Lets You Change All Characters Used on the Maps. Creates Ascii Text Files Which Can be Printed Out. Shows Items, Enemies, and Secret Passages. Includes C Source
BLD23.ZIP: Bloodthirsty V2.3 a True Vga 256-color 3d Risk Game - Mouse Driven
BLINDWAR.ZIP: War Game - Conquer Cities
BLITZER.ZIP: Helicopter Gunship Vs. the Aliens. Good Graphics. What More Do You Need to Know?
BLOCKMAN.ZIP: Block-man 1 V1.0 Requires Ega/Vga Block-man is a Commoner in Bentangle Who is in Love With the King's Daughter. Faces Big Challenge in Order to Win His Princess. Addictive Game
BMAN1.ZIP: Help Commoner Find His Love, the King's Daughter Ega/Vga
BOGGLD20.ZIP: Boggled V2.0 - Find As Many Words As Possible From 16 Random Lettered Cubes. Features Svga 640x480x256 Screens, 3d- Rendered Graphics, Digital Sound Effects, Computer Opponent, User Dictionary, and More! Last Revision Date
BOLOBALL.ZIP: Play Against Computer in the Strategy Marble Game. Ega/Vga
BSPATCH6.ZIP: Blake Stone V2.0 Apogee Patch Aliens of Gold Episodes 1-6.
BWAR11.ZIP: Willy the Beer Varmit's War V. 1.10: Vga, Mouse
BWINGCHT.ZIP: B-wing Mission Upgrade Cheat. Unlimited Missiles, and No Damage, by Using the Game's Built in Cheat Mode, and Allows You to Complete Each Mission.
CASTLEPC.ZIP: Public Domain Version of the Old Star Castle Arcade Game. Very Well Done, Includes Sound Card Support, and Very, Very Free. It's Small, But Well Worth Your Download Time.
CBOOK16.ZIP: Coloring Book Version 1.6! a Classic Child's Toy is Now Here for Your Computer. Coloring Book 1.6 Comes With 10 Pictures (35 Pictures in the Registered Version) That Children Can Color and Print.
CBUFF09.ZIP: Cbuff V0.9. Chessbase Utilities and C Src With Which to Code New Cb Utilities; Direct Via Ftp From the Amsterdam Programmer Who Decoded the Format. Gnu Licensed.
CC3D342.ZIP: Ad-dosgm Corncob 3d V3.42 - by Mvp Software. the Best Flight Simulator in Shareware.
CFLAG14.ZIP: Capture the Flag 1.4 One of the Most Reviewed Games by Major Media!
CGABIBLE.ZIP: Bible Trivia for Cga V1.2 - Great Trivia Pursuit Type Game! Make Your Own Questions! And Best of All It's Free
CHEAT07.ZIP: M a C H I N E Cheat Codes for 175 Pc Games 04/18/94 Listing . Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-19-94.
CHEAT184.ZIP: Great Cheat for Xwing, Wolf3d and Many Many Others
CHEATDOX.ZIP: A List of Cheats and Solutions for Lots of Games
CHOICE29.ZIP: Ver 2.9 Choice, This Game Has Three Old Fashioned Text Type Games in One. Choose Between Find-me, Trap-me and Reverse. Multi-bbs, Multi-node, Baud Rates to 115k, Fossil Driver / Dv Aware. Com-ports 0-15.
CODEIT_.ZIP: Decodes Messages by Replacement Of Characters. Can be Used to Code Messages Also. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-01-94.
CRAYON32.ZIP: Crayon Box 3.2 Coloring Book & Kid Games a Sketch/Paint Book, Math Quizzer, Counting & Color Identification, Usa States Game, Spirographs, Concentration Memory Game, Music. Fun! Requires Ega or Vga, Mouse, Hd
CRIME80.ZIP: Jack the Ripper Adventure #1
CRUSHER.ZIP: Adventure/Arcade/Stategy Game. Avoid Monsters. Ega/Vga
CWBS23.ZIP: Ega Civilwar Battleset 2.3 Prize Winning Detailed Tactical Wargame Ega
D210TRN.ZIP: Trainer Module for Duke Nukem II V1.0 (Shareware Version) Including God, Warp and Weapon Modes!
DARKWIN.ZIP: Dark Sun Solve in Windows 3.1 Write Format. Complete With Embedded Maps.
DASI.ZIP: Dasi the Pc-ouija Board. to Use It, You Need a Pc With a Mouse. You Use the Mouse As You Would Use the Stylus on Any Ouija.
DCC12.ZIP: Doom Control Center V1.1 - 4/4/94 Full Feature Replacement for Setup.Exe Mouse-driven User Interface, Control All Aspects of Modem and Net Games Without Command Line Params. Use Ext Wads, Edit Chat Macros, Saved Games. Now
DDGEN10.ZIP: Dungeons and Dragons 2nd Edition Character Generator, Allows the Creation of Characters In Less Than 2 Minutes. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-14-94.
DEATHMCH.ZIP: Ultimate Deathmatch Wad. This is Completely New Design. Huge Arena With Killer Graphics. Load With -file Death.Wad. Enjoy This, It Took Alot of Time to Make! Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-13-94.
DEATHWRL.ZIP: Deathworld Adventure (Pretty Neat Ending)
DETHSTAR.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-10-94.
DEU50.ZIP: Doom Editor Utility V5.0 is a Wad File Editor.
DE_220.ZIP: The Ultimate Doom Level Editor! Requires Windows.
DE_250B4.ZIP: Doom Editor - the Real Thing V2.50b3 (Beta Version 3) Get This!! Improved Solidity, Load and Save Where You Expect Them, High Speed, Total Flexibility. Create a Complete Map in Minutes, Not Hours
DGALAG15.ZIP: Deluxe Galaga V1.5 - Galaga Game
DIANALEE.ZIP: Diana Lee in "Lost Temple of the Aztecs" E/Vga Arcade Adventure
DINSAN56.ZIP: Doom Insanity V5.6 By: Hank Leukart. Contains Humor About Doom by Id Software. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-17-94.
DM1_2CHT.ZIP: The Cheat 3 Version 3 of Doom the Cheat. I Had to Make This Because of the Nightmare Levels, and the Fact That You Can Not Use the Keyboard Codes in Them. This Cheat is Made for Doom 1.2! -req. Vga- Js Anmp
DM1_2SPT.ZIP: This Patch File Upgrades Your Doom V1.1 Shareware to Doom V1.2 Shareware. Unzip Into Your Doom Directory and Enter Patch At the Command Line to Upgrade Note: This Will Not Upgrade Doom V.99 You Must Upgrade From Doom V1.
DM200.ZIP: Doom/Master 2.0 the Best Shell/Launcher for Doom 1.2 is Even Better. Features: High Speed Modem Support Modem Quick Config Full Doom Configuration Without the Need for Setup.Exe Network Support Random Map/Episode/Skill
DMALT25.ZIP: Doomalt Adds 999 Ammo, All Weapons to Your Saved Doom Games and Much, Much More Works With the Registered Verson of Doom!
DMAUD02.ZIP: Dmaud V02 Doom Audio Editor Will Store Sounds or Extract Sounds From Doom1.Wad and Doom.Wad. be Sure to Make Backup of .Wad!
DMCACH.ZIP: Smoother Doom Graphics on Your Doom Machine! (Requires 5-12mb Free Disk Space and 8-16mb System Memory.) Works With Either the Shareware or Registered Versions of Doom V1.1. Caches the Doom Data File for Hesitation
DMCHEAT.ZIP: Cheat for Doom!
DMFAQ56.ZIP: The "Official" Doom Faq V5.6 By: Hank Leukart. Contains Secrets, Hints, Tricks, Add-on Software, Humor, and Much Much More, All About Doom by Id Software. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-17-94.
DMFRNT11.ZIP: Doomfrnt is a Must Have for Doom Players. It Acts As a Front End That Will Allow You To Warp to Levels, Load Saved Games, Serial(Modem) Support, and a Ton of Other Options. Only Costs 2 Stamps to Register! By: Mike Benson
DMGRAPH.ZIP: Doomgraph V0.1 You've Seen Doomaud.. Well, This is Doom Graph. Same Basic Concept (Same Author). Use This to Extract And/Or Replace the Graphics in Your .Wad File.
DMIJUM.ZIP: Doom Intelligent - Jumble. Mix Up All 27 Levels of the Registered Doom V1.2. 99% Accurate. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-04-94.
DMLEVSV1.ZIP: New Doom 1.X Add-on Wad Levels Have You Already Beaten Doom Seemingly Hundreds of Times? If So, Check Out These New Levels That Will Challenge Your Skill in Alien Combat! Includes 5 New Levels Instructions (Doesn
DMMANI.ZIP: Edited Doom E1l1 Level - "Maniac Operation". Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-28-94.
DMSER4.ZIP: Doom Serial Util Here Ya Go Lamer'sthe Best Kick Ass Modem Util . the Directly Replaces The Sersetup.Exe of Doom Ver 1.2 . Latest Optns Now Allow Reconfig Without Dropping The Line . Works Up to 115200 Nice and Smooth At 1
DMSILLY.ZIP: Doom Silly Sounds [1/1] . . . . . . . -- Dmsilly: a Complete Set of New Sounds for Doom! Great, Needs Dmaud00.Zip -goiterism'94 -- --[ Magpie ]--[ Toxic ]--
DMSPEC13.ZIP: The Unofficial Doom Specs V1.3 By: Matt Fell. Contains Technical Info About Doom by Id Software. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-13-94.
DOOM14K.ZIP: Metamorphosis Presents: Supposed 14.4k Doom V1.2 Patch Released By: ?? [1/1] - Couriered by Tracer of Meta -
DOOM1_1A.ZIP: Doom is a Lightning-fast Virtual Reality Game in Which You Are Plunged Into a Brutal 3-d World. to Escape Alive, You Must Outfight Legions of Grisly Fiends and Solve Doom's Lethal Puzzles.
DOOM1_1B.ZIP: Doom is a Lightning-fast Virtual Reality Game in Which You Are Plunged Into a Brutal 3-d World. to Escape Alive, You Must Outfight Legions of Grisly Fiends and Solve Doom's Lethal Puzzles.
DOOM2GFX.ZIP: Doom Lovers This is Kool!! Stunning Graphics, Brilliant Fx, Totally Kool Levels, Finally What We've Been Waiting For! Get This. it Will Blow You Away $#@!
DOOM800.ZIP: 10 Doom Wallpapers for Windows 800x600. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-12-94.
DOOMAS_1.ZIP: Doom Audio Studio 1.0 [1/2] the Ultimate Sound Editor for Doom! Easy to Use Graphical Interface! Add Sounds With the Touch of A Button! Comes With Over 165 Pre-selected .Wav Files for Doom or Add Your Own! a Must For Any D
DOOMAS_2.ZIP: Doom Audio Studio 1.0 [2/2] the Ultimate Sound Editor for Doom! Easy to Use Graphical Interface! Add Sounds With the Touch of A Button! Comes With Over 165 Pre-selected .Wav Files for Doom or Add Your Own! a Must For Any D
DOOMCC.ZIP: Allows You to Change Colors of Players In Doom. Even Allows a Camoflage Scheme Which Is Great for Deathmatch Games. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-06-94.
DOOMCD.ZIP: Files Coming From: >> the Gate to Hell << Disk: [00/00] Upped By: Xenix Dtp Extra Secret Codes Doom Release
DOOMED.ZIP: The Doom Editor Gives You a Variety of Neat Stuff (Maps, Light Visors, Keys, Health, Weapons (Yes!!), Ammo, God Mode (More Later), Rad Suits, Invisibility, Etc. ). V2.0
DOOMEDIT.ZIP: Doom Save Game Editor (1/1) -united Couriers 1993-
DOOMFX2.ZIP: Doom Gamers This is it ! Stunning Graphics, Brilliant Fx, Amazingly Clear Sound And Music! Totally Kool Levels, Finally What We've Been Waiting For! Get This. it Makes The Best Game Ever, Even Better ! Last Revision Date i
DOOMHLP2.ZIP: Doomhlp2.Zip (4-11-94) Freeware! Detailed Color Map in .Bmp and .Gif Forms of Level 2 of the Game Doom. All "Secrets" Are Shown on the Map. Doomgogl.Exe is Included. and Praised As One of the Best Helps for All
DOOMJS.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
DOOMKIL2.ZIP: Doom Cheat - Infinite Ammo All the Weapons,invisible Suit 10000% Armor, 10000 Rockets Computer Map. Kowabunga! Version 2: Infinite Health
DOOMLD14.ZIP: Doomload V1.4 Intended to be Run Instead of Doom.Exe and Setup.Exe. What Should Have Been Included in the Original Doom Release; -quicknet Network Play Setup -select Starting Level to Play
DOOMLEVX.ZIP: Doom Customized Levels (Wads), More New Ones! Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-13-94.
DOOMLVL7.ZIP: Level 7 for Doom Version 1.0.
DOOMMAPS.ZIP: Maps for Doom.
DOOMODEM.ZIP: Doomodem: Changes the Default Port Addresses and Irq's for Sersetup.Exe, Allowing You to Get Doom 1.2 to Work Better With Your Configuration! V1.0 Joshua Lehan 2/18/94 [email protected]
DOOMPCX.ZIP: Doom Maps in Pcx Format - Levels 1 - 9.
DOOMSEC.ZIP: Play the Secret Military Base Level From Doom 1.1 - Knee-deep in the Dead.
DOOMSR21.ZIP: Yet Another New Level for Doom. a Brand New Level for E2m1. Enjoy. Works Only With Registered Ver. -. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
DOOMSTUF.ZIP: Doom Utilities ] a Compilation of Doom Utils: the Savegame Format for Doom Two Different Savegame Editors Serial Port Networking for Doom
DOOMTE.ZIP: Description of Doom 3d Graphics Engine Techniques and Theory. Detailed Probe of The Methods Used to Create This Awesome Game! Downloaded From Internet. Last Revision Date In Archive: 03-04-94.
DOOMVGA.ZIP: 10 640x480 Doom Wallpapers for Windows. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-12-94.
DOOMWU11.ZIP: Doomwu -doom Warper Utility Doomwu - Doom Warper Utility V1.1 Warping Around Doom Has Never Been Easier! Warp to Any Episode, Level and At Any Skill Level With Easy-to-use Menus! Great Utility for Doom Fans Everywhere!
DOOM_FAQ.ZIP: Questions and Answers About Doom!
DOSMINE.ZIP: Minefield - Dos Version of Windows "Minesweeper".
DOTSO.ZIP: Connect the Dots With New Twist to Classic Game. Ega/Vga
DSC_1_0.ZIP: Doom System Control V1.0 - Allows Easy Access To the Most Common Doom Game Devparm Parameters Including Episode, Floor and Skill Level. Also Includes Record/Playback Feature. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-12-94.
DSG4W101.ZIP: Doom Saved Game Editor for Windows. a Utility That Allows You to Edit Your Saved Games From Doom. Freeware - Please Enjoy!
DUNGEON1.ZIP: Death Dungeon Branching Story
DVIEW094.ZIP: Doomview Beta .94 -views All the Graphics Hidden Away in Your Doom Release 1.1 Wad File. Argh. I've Been Too Busy to Finish 1.0! :programmed by the Sysop of Bitstream of The Eschaton (708)705-7741 Usr 21.6 Dual Standard. L
DVIEWUTG.ZIP: Doomview V1.5 [mds/Utg] by Marquis De Soire [020794]
DWM101B.ZIP: Doom Wad File Manager V1.01beta a Database Program to Keep Track of All Your New Pwad Files. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-11-94.
EDGEDEMO.ZIP: Earthdawn Character Generator. Simple and Easy to Use.
ENRAK.ZIP: Short Adventure
EPICBB.ZIP: Epic Baseball Animated 256-color Vga Sports Simulation! Epic Megagames Turns Shareware Into a Whole New Ball Game With This New Thriller Created by Microleague. You Select Teams, Decide on the Lineups, and Call the Plays
EP_BALLS.ZIP: Get Unlimited Balls in Epic's Pinball Game.
EZHANG11.ZIP: Ez Hang V1.1. Hang Man Style Door With Great Graphics.
FACETREX.ZIP: Facetrex V1.0 Requires Ega/Vga Facetrex is a Challenging and Pure Strategy Logic Game Where the Objective is to Use Your Animated Man to Push Faces Located on a 12x8 Grid Board Onto Their Negative Image Located Elsewhere
FFLM13.ZIP: Fantasy Football League Manager V1.3. Keep Track of All Aspects of Your Fantasy Football League With Ease and Flexibility. Includes Stats Thru Week #13. Update Stats Weekly
FORT42C.ZIP: Fortune Teller V4.2c. Rosemary West (Asp) a Potpourri of Divination and Fortune Telling Techniques: Three Separate Playing-card Methods, Dice, Numerology, Runes, and "Instant Oracle". a History and Explanation of Each M
FORTOM.ZIP: Sersetup for Doom, Sets Your Modem to 57600. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-23-94.
FORTRESS.ZIP: Fortress At Time's End (Complete)
FPDRAFT.ZIP: Football Pro Draft Utility, From the Sierra Bbs. Unzip It, and Then Run the Exe File Which Will Uncompress It. Pretty Cool, Although a Little Confusing. Game Adjunct
FPEDITP.ZIP: Front Page Sports Football Pro Editor.
FS5FIX.ZIP: Fs5 Patch - Fixes Problems With Joystick and Certain Sound Cards.
FUNCITY.ZIP: Good Advent Tutoral/Plays Itself!
FY1A.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
GAB_NITE.ZIP: Complete Solve for Gabriel Knight From Sierra. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-22-94.
GALAC15.ZIP: Galactix V1.5 the Final Version of an Excellent Shareware Game! the Xidus Fleets Are Invading, and You Are the Last Ship Left to Save Earth! 286+ Vga/Mcga 3 Meg Hd Space Required Soundblaster
GAMES21B.ZIP: Os2.Games Version 2.1a This File Brings Together in One Place the Information That You Need to be Able to Optimize the Performance of Your Dos Based Games Under the Os/2 2.X Operating System.
GAMREF1S.ZIP: Gamer's Reference V1 by Liquid Byte Software, A Games Database. This Program is a Helpful Tool to Keep All Your Game Codes and Cheats In an Easy to Understand Enviroment. The Unregistered Version Comes With Codes to Over 5
GATE18.ZIP: Gateworld by Homebrew Software! Captian Klondike Meets the G.O.R.G. Machine in Part 1: "The Seed Ship". Over 2 Megs Compressed Graphics. Full Adlib Soundtrack. Support for Over 12 Different Sound Cards. Story and Epilog
GB30.ZIP: Gamebuilder Lite 3 Adventure Game Authoring System
GDM003.ZIP: Pdnnews Game Developers Magazine Issue 3 for All Programming Languages
GDM3.ZIP: Game Developers Magazine - Issue 3 Created By Phil Inch - Australian Made! Ok, Ok, So It's Really Late, But At Least It's Here and It's The Biggest Issue Yet! Bursting At the Seams With Source Code and Explanations! This I
GENERIC.ZIP: Generic Dungeon. Surprisingly Well Done
GHOSTC10.ZIP: Ghost Cemetery Windows Game - Catch the Ghosts
GRIMLOR1.ZIP: The Dungeons of Grimlor Episode 1: the Gem of Souls. Vga Required! (Fun!) Find the Evil Dragon Grimlor and Retrieve the Gem of Souls! Detailed Dungeons and Many Evil Monsters!
GS10UREG.ZIP: Games Galactig Struggle V1.0 - Space Strategy Game
GUNS.ZIP: Guns 'R' Us V1.0 a Text Game Based on the Sell of Guns in Which You Try to Become the Supreme Being by Earning 2 Billion Dollars. But, It's Easier Said Then Done. Are You Up to the Challenge?
GWIZ23.ZIP: Game Wizard V2.30 the Most Powerful Game Cheating Utility Ever Developed Anywhere in the World. Now With Full Dos Extender Support Under All Memory Managers. it Has the Ability To: Search/Modify/Lock Items While Playing
G_FLUTE.ZIP: Search for Golden Flute W/Map
HANGMANW.ZIP: Shareware Version of Hangman. 5 Levels, 5 Word Each Level, Easily Expandable. Registered Version Adds Sound and More Levels
HANGMN64.ZIP: Hangman: Single, Childrens and Party Ver. Use Your Own Words or Supplied Lists! Color and Mono Support. Series Version 6.4
HAUNT.ZIP: Haunted Mission on Halloween
HAVOC12.ZIP: Electron Havoc V1.2. Arcade Game. Vga and Mouse Required. Shoot Tracer At Your Opponent While Using Gravity Pockets to Guide Your Missile.
HB31292.ZIP: Unprotect for Hardball 3 File Dated 12/10/92 Only!.Cmp Format). Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
HOBBIT.ZIP: Bilbo and Friends
HUMANEKO.ZIP: Humaneko is Neko With a Human-touch. Instead of Having a Lit
ICR104.ZIP: Modem Patch for Indycar Racing From Papyrus. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-05-94.
ICRDEMO.ZIP: Indy Car Racing Demo From Papyrus Bbs
IDIOT110.ZIP: Idiot's Delight Version 1.10 Also Known As "Aces Up", is a Solitaire Card Game That is Extremely Simple to Play, Quite Addictive, But Terribly Difficult to Win. Success Depends on Skill and Strategy
INVADE21.ZIP: Invaded ][ V2.1 - Fast Aracde Shoot'em Up. Now Works With All Monitors. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-31-94.
IOB1.ZIP: Stupid Picasso Trick #4, Version 1
ISLEWAR3.ZIP: Isle Wars V3.0 Requires Ega/Vga & Mouse Never Touch the Keyboard As You Try to Conquer Countries and Continents in Your Attempt to Rule the World of Isle Wars.
JETPKLEV.ZIP: Jetpack Christmas Level Frosty Plain Level Created by Christopher Jong. This Level Will Freeze Your Brain!
JETPK_CH.ZIP: Jetpack Christmas Special! Free! Direct From Software Creations. Santa's Got a Jetpack and More Levels to Conquer! Explore New Levels of Treacherous Dungeons, With New Graphics & Sounds. Create Your Own Christmas
JOURNEY.ZIP: Journey to the Center of the Earth
JUGLE121.ZIP: 3-ball Juggler V1.21. Fast, Ega/Vga Juggling Tutor With Arcade Game. Uses Fast Animation With High Resolution Ega/Vga Graphics. Teaches Fundamentals of Juggling. Demonstrates Common Mistakes.
JWLTHF14.ZIP: Jewel Thief, Arcade-style Game
KENO401.ZIP: Huckabey Keno (Vegas Style). View Payoffs, Keeps Top Ten. Easy to Use! Color Only!
KGPATCH.ZIP: This Patch Will Restore the Playing Strength of the Kasparov's Gambit Chess Game. the Latest Version of Kg Has Been Released W/Out This Patch. (Obviously). This Patch is Also Available From Anonymous Ftp on the Internet.
KIDNAP.ZIP: You've Been Kidnapped! (Can You Escape?)
KORT.ZIP: Ad-dosgm King Arthur's Kort V1.0 - by Mvp Software. Terrific Graphical Game Set in Medieval England.
KORTMVP.ZIP: King Arthur's K.O.R.T. by Mvp Software . Great New Medieval Strategy Game in Which You Must Conquer Great Britain. 256 Color Vga Graphics, Terrific Theme Music, Digitized Sound Effects and Voices! Who Says Valor And
KQ6SAVG.ZIP: Kings Quest Save Games for Complete Ending. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-03-94.
LEGEND1.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-10-94.
LETHAL.ZIP: Lethal Tender! Like Wolf3d, But Much Better. Weapons!!
LINKSPRO.ZIP: Contains Nine Links386 Scores Between 58 and 62. Also 6 Holes-in-one. Text Solicits Contact With Other Local Links386 Fanatics.
LOADLAR.ZIP: Help Loader Larry Climb the Corporate Ladder. Ega/Vga
LOD380C.ZIP: Land of Devastation V3.80 -- Ega Support [1/2]
LOD380D.ZIP: Land of Devastation V3.80 -- Ega Support [2/2]
LOSTV02.ZIP: The Lost Temple V0.2 the Newest On-line Rpg Advance Through 30 Levels Explore Hundreds of Rooms and Fight Evil Creatures of All Kinds on Your Quest to Free the Lost Temple!
LOTUSDRV.ZIP: Awesome Driving Game Demo, Worth the Download Usable But Not Changeable. Amazing!
LSLIDE.ZIP: A Sokoban Type Game Using Sliding Letters To Make Words. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-09-94.
LUNARBBL.ZIP: Win_game Play Basketball on Earth, the Moon, or Jupiter
MACHINE2.ZIP: Playable Demo of Sierra's "Incredible Machine 2". It's Worth the Download Time If You Like Solving Spacial Puzzles.
MANOR.ZIP: Stoneville Manor Adventure
MASTER13.ZIP: Mastermind Game. Version 1.3 Adds Music & More
MATCH20.ZIP: Ver 2.0 Matchit. Similiar to the Tv Game of Concentration. Multi-node/Bbs Bauda Up to 115k. Com-ports 0-15. Sysop Creates the Prizes (Real or Not) and Timesin the Door Each Day. Now is Fossil Driver/Dv Aware and Commands
MAYHEM.ZIP: Marble Mayhem Strategy Game - Req. Vga & Mouse
MAZEBLAZ.ZIP: 3d Multi Level Maze Game - Addictive and Fun.
MEDIEVAL.ZIP: Game for Two Adventurers
MEGADES2.ZIP: Megadestroyer Frantis ][ Kicka.. Arcade Game! Wanna be Space Hero? Many Level of Incredible Space Arcade! Vga / Sb / Covox Support Released for You, by Us!
MEGAWATT.ZIP: New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-02-94.
MFE100.ZIP: Minefield for Everybody V1.0. Game of Strategy, Logic and a Little Luck. Similar to Other Minefield Games, But Will Run on Any System! Uses Mouse or Keyboard, Ega/Vga Support, Save & Load, Customizable Playfields
MJ.ZIP: A Ton of Mj Tileset
MJTIL768.ZIP: Mah Jongg Tile Set: Lamps, Keys and Pencils. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-18-94.
MJTIL770.ZIP: Mah Jongg Tile Set: Hearts and Circles. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-10-94.
MJTIL771.ZIP: Mah Jongg Tile Set: Neck Ties. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-17-94.
MK2GUIDE.ZIP: Unofficial Guide to Mortal Kombat II. Preliminary Guide - Fourth Revision.
MLBHB3.ZIP: Hb3 Players, Logos for 1993.
MMENU10.ZIP: Masterpiece Menu V1.0 Menu Program Designed Specifically for Children
MNSWPR26.ZIP: Minesweeper V2.6 - Mine Sweeper Like-game
MONK2.ZIP: Hints for Monkey Isle 2. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-17-94.
MONTNV12.ZIP: Ontana V1.2 - a Very Cool Card Game for Amigaos2.0+
MOOV13.ZIP: Version 1.3 Update for Master of Orion From Microprose. Makes a Great Game Even Better.
MRE1WADS.ZIP: My Edited E1m1 and E1m4 of That Great Game Doom. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-28-94.
MRPILL.ZIP: Mrpill 3.1: the Object is to Keep Mrpill Moving Through a Continuous Pipe Conduit. You Must Arrange the Pieces of Pipe So That Their Continuity is Preserved. Each Pipe Traversed is Erased and Earns You Points.
MVPBR.ZIP: Ad-dosgm Mvp Bridge V1.0 - by Mvp Software. the Best Bridge Game in Shareware.
NETBEAST.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
NEWDEU.ZIP: Newdeu V4.31 is the New Doom Editor Utility With Source Code by Brendon Wyber.
NEWS3D.ZIP: Newsreader 3.03 (Zip File D, Update 2) Newsbytes File Reader for Windows 3.1. Updated News3.Exe and Newsread.Hlp Only. Adds Rotating Database Backups, Database Compacting, New Support for Apple BBS Format. Also Requires Ne
NEWSR21.ZIP: A Brand New Level for E2l1 Made With Deu 5.0. This is the Second Release of This Level. This Version Does Not Have the Few Annoying X-ray Vision Bugs That Existed in the First One. I Hope You Enjoy It. it Will Only Work Wi
NEWWO131.ZIP: Games Newworld V1.31 - Demo Version of New World Game
NUMLO.ZIP: Twist on Othello. Ega/Vga
NVL9309F.ZIP: Remove Annoying Copy-protection From 100 'S of Popular Games. Shareware Neverlock Solves Your Problem Correctly Every Time a Registered Version Unprotects Everlock
ODYSEY.ZIP: Rattling Good Spaceship Escape
OF31SW.ZIP: Oakflat Nuclear Power Plant V3.1sw by Gamtech. Simulates a Pressurized Water, Nuclear Fission Power Plant. User Controls All Major Plant Operations to Generate Safe and Cost Effective Electrical Power.
OILCAP62.ZIP: Contain Gushing Oil. Run Against the Clock. Ega/Vga
ORBY10.ZIP: O.R.B.Y. 1.0 Game of Planetary Orbits and Angles. Play Anoth
PADDLTOY.ZIP: Paddletoy V1.00 - Paddle and Analog/Proportional Joystick Tester
PATCHV62.ZIP: The Patcher V6.2 by Michael Caldwell Removes Copy Protection From Over One Hundred Games New and Old. Some Newer Titles Include: Elder Scrolls I, Flashback, Indycar Racing, Lost Vikings, Mortal Kombat, Pirates! Gold, Princ
PBCHEAT.ZIP: Cheat for Epic Pinball.
PEGJMP24.ZIP: Peg Jump V2.4. a Logic Puzzle Game Similar to the Classic Hi-que Peg Puzzle. Object is to Jump the Pegs in Such a Way As to Leave Only One Peg, Preferably in the Center Hole. Supports Most BBS Software, Multi-node
PICKLE.ZIP: Ad-dosgm Pickle Wars V1.0 - by Mvp Software. Dual-parallax Scrolling Game. Great Fun for All Ages.
PLC_U8IC.ZIP: Proudly Presents -ultima 8 -pagan- Incredible Avatar Game Wizard Table Disk [1/1]. Last Revision Date in Archive: 03-27-94.
PLIX.ZIP: Slide Tiles Into Negative Image. Ega/Vga
POD12.ZIP: Pod V1.2. Move Your "Pod" Around a Network of Coloured Tracks to Remove Them, But Avoid Falling Off. Some Colours Require Multiple Passes, and Others Do Even More Interesting Things. Simple to Learn
POKRDICE.ZIP: Game of Poker Played With Slot Machine Action.
PONGKOMB.ZIP: Pongkombat - Combines the Best of Pong With Mortal Kombat to Produce a Two Player Pong Game With Secret Moves, Hidden Characters And Fatalities. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-11-94.
PQ4SLEXC.ZIP: Solution to Police Quest 4: Open Season
PROCRAPS.ZIP: Pro Craps - Fun E/Vga Dice Game With Clever Comments
PUZZLE20.ZIP: Stunning Images From Around the World in Supervga Color! the Ultimate Puzzle Game. Extremely Flexible -- Choose Any Numbers of Pieces From 4 to 2000! Hall of Fame for Your Best Scores. Save Puzzles, Solution Hints, Simple
Q2PLUS.ZIP: Quatris II Plus (Update: Mar 1994): Award Winning Tetris-variant With 50 Challenging Shapes, Bombs, Dynamic-well, Game Save Feature and More! 1st Place Winner of 12th Rockwell Computer Science Competition. One of Psl's
QUADROID.ZIP: Quadroid Great New Version of Tetris, With Real Nice Sounds. Direct From France!
QUATRA.ZIP: Windows, Arcade Space Shoot-'em Game With Sound Support
RA1.ZIP: Saved Game to Dagger of Amon Ra Act 1 Retrieved This Save File If You Are Stuck Playing.This is Not the Full Game But Is Saved File.You Will Need the Full Game to Use These Files. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-09-94.
RACES30.ZIP: Ver 3.0 Races, a Horse Racing Game to Let Players Bet All Their Points Away. Multi-bbs, Multi-node, Baud Rates Up to 115k, Fossil Driver / Dv Aware. Game Played From One Main Menu for a Faster Game. it Now Has a Color
RAEASY11.ZIP: Raeasy Version 1.1 is a "Trainer" Utility Written for Rebel Assault by Lucasarts. -
RAKU.ZIP: Puts All Serious Puzzle Lover to the Test. Ega/Vga
RAPCHEAT.ZIP: Cheat for #1raptor, Apogee's Latest Hit
RASPION.ZIP: Beginners Adventure on Fantastic Planet
RDOOM16.ZIP: Randoom Version 1.6 Randoom is a Utility Which Will Randomize the Placement of Objects In the Doom Playfield. Additionally, Randoom Has Some Smarts About the Manner in Which It Will Randomize Things - It's Designed To Neve
REAP10.ZIP: Reaping the Dungeon V1.0. Vga Strategy Game. Battle Powerful Creatures With Modern Weapons and Devices Purchased At Shops. Sell Treasure At Varying Prices. Many Abilities Can be Improved Using Raw Crystals Found Deep Below
REEF.ZIP: Explore a Wwii Base on a Desert Island
RESCUE_2.ZIP: Rescue! 1.2 Excellent Vga Game: Clear 7 Islands of Enemy Missile Launchers
RHE1L1.ZIP: A New Twist for Doom Episode 1 Level 1. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-08-94.
ROBIX11.ZIP: Robix V1.1. Logic Puzzle Game From Soleau Software. the Objective of This Pure Strategy Game is to Get Your Colored Blocks to the Bottom of the Game Board by Pushing Entire Rows Either Left or Right.
ROIDS20.ZIP: Version 2.0 of Roids, a 32-bit Arcade Game.
ROTAK10.ZIP: Rotaktix Super Arcade Puzzle Game. 256 Color 320x200 Vga/Mcga, Soundblaster. Stunning Graphics & Effects, Great Sounds & Music. Match Tokens in Runs of 3, on Vertical, Horizontal And/Or Diagonal Axis to Score
RROVER.ZIP: Rescue Rover. Rescue Your Faithful Dog Rover
RUNDOOM2.ZIP: Rundoom V1.0 > If You Play Doom 1.2 Over the Modem With a Buddy, Run This Instead of Setup. Choose to Fight Monsters or Nomonsters. Saves the Setup Configuration So You Don't Have to Keep Typing it in Everytime.
S4DOOM12.ZIP: Ok, Guys, This is It! If You've Been Having Problems With Modeming in Doom, D/L This and Try it Out. Works for Me! Brought to You By: Firefox . Leeched From White Sands One of the Fastest on the East Coast!
SAFEC103.ZIP: Safe Cracker! V1.03 by Lee Sluga/Helix Software..Can You Get the Three Numbers to Get the Safe Open?? Works on Nearly Any Machine and is Good Fun for Anyone. Watch for More Coming Soon From Hs..
SAMPLE.ZIP: Short, But Well Done Adventure
SAND21.ZIP: Sand Storm 2.1 Vga Arcade Game - Intercept Scud Missiles and Jet Attacks
SANGO.ZIP: An Excellent Fighting Game, Almost on Par With Sfii. Much Better Than Bodyblow.
SCUMDU13.ZIP: Doom V1.3 Upgrade Pre-release This Upgrade Works! [1/1]
SECRET.ZIP: This Really is an Adventure
SEGA0494.ZIP: Sega/Genesis Tips April 16, 1994 This is The Latest Text of Game Tips for The Sega/Genesis. 230 Games Are Covered. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-17-94.
SER4.ZIP: Doom Serial Device Editor. Great Front End Control N' Bug Fix for Doom Serial Port Display (Via Modem or Direct Connect) Allows Rates Up to 115k Baud! Plus Doom Fac File.
SHADWAD.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-11-94.
SHOOTG31.ZIP: Shooting Gallery V3.1: Colorful Vga Action. Offers Seven Rounds of Shooting Action With Arcade Shooting Range, Skeet, Target And Wild West Shootout. Runs in 256 Color Mode Requiring Vga or Mcga System and a Mouse. Includes
SKYROADS.ZIP: Skyroads: Great 3d Challenge for Those Who Dare! Imagine Cruising a Road in Crab Nebula With Your Starglider! Catch Breathtaking Views of the Universe! Loaded With Superb Graphics, Marvelous Tunes and Smoo
SLOTTO21.ZIP: Super Lotto-master 2.1 - Easy-to-use Full-featured Lottery Analyst Program for All 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 Digit Games. Input Past- Winning Numbers and This Program Will Analyze Them and Calculate the Most-probable Numbers
SORCERER.ZIP: Sorcerer's Castle Adventure
SP108.ZIP: Simple Pleasures - Eleven Fun Card Games for E/Vga & Mouse
SPACED.ZIP: You Awaken on a Spaceship With the Doors Jammed and Corpses Scattered Everywhere! Uploaded By: Doug Rogers
SPACEP2.ZIP: Space Pilot V2.0 - 256 Color Vga Game Shareware. Yosemite Software
SPIDER.ZIP: Rotate Web Strands for Spider. Race the Clock. Ega/Vga
SPIDERUN.ZIP: Spider Run V1.0 Req.Ega/Vga & Mouse It's a Race Against the Clock As You Rotate Web Strands for the Spider to Run Across. Fun for the Whole Family and is Filled With Educational Spider Facts. Warning Addictive!
SS108.ZIP: Solitaire Suite - Seven Addictive Card Games for E/Vga & Mouse
STOK12.ZIP: The Stock Game V 1.2 by Paul Johnston Very Good Text Stock Simulation Requires Ega Or Higher. Last Revision Date in Archive: 02-25-94.
STUCK.ZIP: You're Stuck Upstairs Looking for Gold
SUP51500.ZIP: Supplimental Documentation for Doom and Deu V5.0. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-10-94.
SUPHHD_1.ZIP: Superhero League of Hoboken D E M O From Legend Ent. Company.. Brought to You by Chowdery From Wces 1994 in Las Vegas. 1 of 2
SUPHHD_2.ZIP: Superhero League of Hoboken D E M O From Legend Ent. Company.. Brought to You by Chowdery From Wces 1994 in Las Vegas. 2 of 2
SURVIVE.ZIP: Survive a Crash-landing on the Moon
SW3D20.ZIP: Star Wars 3-d New! V 2.0 Add-on for Wolf3d Now Using Shareware Version 1.4 Why Fight Nazis When You Can Fight . Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-12-94.
THORGAME.ZIP: Thor - is an Othello/Reversi Game. it Allows You to Play Against the Computer or to Use it As an Othello Board. a Complete Set of Functions for the Study of the Game is Included. Requires 512k Memory, a High Density
THUNDER.ZIP: Wanna Run Some 'Shine?
TILEGUY.ZIP: 8 Tilesets for Solitile. a Couple Are Very Difficult. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-13-94.
TLB2V12U.ZIP: V1.2 10/1993 Update for Tony Larussa Baseball II 1993 by Ssi Copy This to a 3.5" 720k or Higher Disk and Enter Install. This Updates From V1.1 to V1.2.
TLCWRD_1.ZIP: Tlc Word Game 1 of 2
TLCWRD_2.ZIP: Tlc Word Game 2 of 2
TORN_10C.ZIP: Update for Tornado Flight Sim Game From Spectrum Holobyte. Last Revision Date in Archive: 02-07-94.
TOXIC1_1.ZIP: This is Toxic! the Groundhog, an Exciting New Cybernetic Software. it Should Run on Any Pc a Vga Card. You Can Register This Game, Whic to Many More Stages and a Cheat Mode. Howeve As it Is.
TTADOM11.ZIP: A New Doom Level. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-06-94.
TWSOUNDA.ZIP: Digitized Sound Files for Trade Wars 2.0 Requires Twterm23.Zip or Later. Phasers, Quasars, Genesis, Warp Engines and More. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-04-94.
UCHSSTNY.ZIP: Uchess Tiny V2.69 - Tiny Exec. of Uchess for Systems With 2-4 Mb Total Ram.
UGE10.ZIP: Universal Game Editor V1.0. Change Many Aspects of Your Favorite Games. Allows You to Edit Almost Any Game That Lets You Save Your Game. Comes With Modules for Civilization, Betrayal At Krondor, Master of Orion and Lands
UW2EDV1.ZIP: Ultimaedit V1.0. the Best Ultima Underworld II Editor! Newly Designed Graphical Interface for Making Easy Changes to Character. Automatically Backs Up Original Player.Dat File for Protection.
VAMPIRE.ZIP: Kill the Count Before He Get's You
VKSKENO.ZIP: Vegas Knight's Kasino Keno. Pretty Incredible Vga Keno Game Featuring: True Las Vegas Casino Play! Extremely Easy Keyboard Play! 256-color Graphics and Art!
WCTIMES.ZIP: Msworks File for World Circuit Racers. Keep Track of Vital Track Time Information.
WEREWOLF.ZIP: You've Been Bitten!
WILLWISP.ZIP: Magicians & Witches & Caves & Humor
WINDAL_1.ZIP: Win~Daleks Game 1 of 2
WINDAL_2.ZIP: Win~Daleks Game 2 of 2
WIZARD.ZIP: Wizards and Dragons Text Game
WIZARDA.ZIP: Wizard's Lair.
WLCASINO.ZIP: New Age Casino Game From H/S Programming!
WOLF3D.ZIP: Skydemo My Wolf3d Wolfenstien Doom Graphics Alphaware
WOLFDM_2.ZIP: Turns the Monsters in Doom Into the Guards From Wolfenstein. Last Revision Date In Archive: 04-02-94.
WORDLE.ZIP: Wordle V1.0. Challenging Word Game. Spell As Many Words As Possible From a Grid of 25 Random Letters. There Are Many Ways to Play, Either With Variable Time Limits or by Number of Words Spelled. Dictionary of Over 80,000 W
WR120UPG.ZIP: Waverider Upgrade to Version 1.2. Last Revision Date in Archive: 04-09-94.
WURM.ZIP: Wurm - Guide Your Worm Around the Play Field, Grabbing Goodies and Avoiding Your Ever-growing Tail. Fun and Addicting! Vga.
XARGON.ZIP: Xargon 1: Beyond Reality a New Release From Epic Megagames: Intense Arcade Action Meets Bold Exploration. You Play the Role of Malvineous on an Expedition Through Gigantic, Action-packed Levels
XP116.ZIP: X-wing Pro V1.16 the Ultimate Xwing Editor, Edits: Pilots, Tours, Ships, Missions, & More Supports Tours 1-5 and All Versions of Xwing. New Mission Pick Lists, Revamped Orders/Missions Pick Lists Complete Doc's On The Miss
XWSE30.ZIP: X-wing Ship Editor V 3.0. Compatible With B-wing Add-on. New Features Include Flexible File I/O, Importing of Ship Data From Older Versions More Freeware
XYPHR20.ZIP: Xyphr is a High-quality Arcade Style Game F Vga Graphics, Mouse Control, Dozens of Audio Play, and a High-speed Sprite System Capable Up to 1000 Sprites Simultaneously, in Sizes
YAB_BB.ZIP: A Nice Baseball Game With Good Graghics. Shareware That Comes From Germany.
ZONE_66.ZIP: Zone 66 Ultra Action 32-bit Arcade Game of Mayhem and Destruction From Epic Megagames and Renaissance. Full 256-color, 360-degree Scrolling. Pilot Your Fighter Jet Around a Massive Playfield, Leaving Devastated Earth
ZORKSAVE.ZIP: Saved Game At the Very End for Return to Zork. Tells What to Do When You Get There and Everything.
_1RAP_A.ZIP: Raptor V1.0 From Apogee! (Vga) Action Game 386 (Or Higher) W/2 Megs Required! Animation And Cinematics. Supports All Major Sound Cards.Shareware Developed Cygnus Studios 1/5
_1RAP_B.ZIP: Raptor V1.0 From Apogee! (Vga) 2/5
_1RAP_C.ZIP: Raptor V1.0 From Apogee! (Vga) 3/5
_1RAP_D.ZIP: Raptor V1.0 From Apogee! (Vga) 4/5
_1RAP_E.ZIP: Raptor V1.0 From Apogee! (Vga) 5/5