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Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure [Model AGB-ACQE-USA]

Nintendo GBA cart. published 18 years ago by Universal Interactive Studios, Inc.

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Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure © 2002 Universal Interactive Studios, Incorporated.

When the evil Dr. Cortex, orbiting way out in space, unleashes the horrific powers of his fiendish shrinking ray, our beloved planet shrinks to the size of a common grapefruit. Despite the benefits of such a setup (i.e., quicker commutes to your local Nintendo retailer), the negatives of a nanosized earth quickly become glaringly obvious.

Crash's Einsteinian sister Coco develops a device that can return earth and its inhabitants to their rightful sizes, but powering it requires crystals from all over the world. Enter the redoubtable Crash. Globe-trotting from a Mayan Jungle to Arctic Caverns, Crash must gather the crystals in 20 richly varied levels.

Crash Bandicoot: The Huge Adventure's gameplay runs the gamut from side-scrolling to 3D chase to aerial combat sequences. This may be Crash's first appearance on a Nintendo console, but the brash bandicoot is definitely not afraid to go all-out in his premiere performance.
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Released on February 25, 2002 in the USA.

The game was rated E (Everyone, it have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older) by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board).

Export releases:
[EU] Crash Bandicoot XS
[JP] Crash Bandicoot Advance


Remaining idle for long enough will cause Crash to start playing a Game Boy Advance.


Executive Producers: Karthik Bala, Tobi Saulnier
Project Managers: Karthik Bala, Jesse Booth, Michael Meischeid
Game Design: Luis Barriga, Karthik Bala
Additional Game Design: Theodore Bialek, Christopher Winters, Christopher Degnan, Benjamin Raymond, Jonathan Russell
Programming: Nate Trost, Robert Trevellyan, Alex Rybakov, Jesse Raymond, Chris Pruett, Jesse Booth, Viktor Kuzmin
Graphics: Steve Derrick, Theodore Bialek, Christopher Winters, Mei He, Jason Harlow, Carl Schell, Jim Powell, Wes Merritt, Jorge Diaz, Florian Freisleder
Audio: Manfred Linzner, Todd Masten
Vicarious Visions would like to thank: Red Eye Studios [for aiding and abetting in graphics, animation and design], Cosmigo [for nefarious coding support], Shin'en Multimedia [for composing killer tunes], and Last but not least, Guha Bala, Nehme Frangie, Kerry Coffey, Lauren Costello, Dawn Harrington, Matthew Conte, Eric Caraszi, Team Baisoku, Daniel E. Suarez, Sean Krankel, Philippe Erwin, Vijay Lakshman, Naughty Dog

Vice President of Production: Vijay Lakshman
Senior Producer: Daniel E. Suarez
Associate Producer: Sean Krankel
Production Coordinator: Carlos Schulte
Additional Production Support: Sean Mountain, Nick Torchia
Vice President of Global Marketing: Torrie Dorrell
Sr. Product Manager: Craig Howe
Associate Product Manager: Marcus Savino
Marketing Coordinator: Jason Covey
Senior Manager Public Relations: Alex Skillman
Junior Publicist: Sandra Shagat
Director of Promotions: Chandra Hill
Creative Services Supervisor: Michael Sequeira
Additional Sound Effects: Universal Sound Studios
Testing: Absolute Quality Inc.
Booklet Design: Lauren Azeltine
European Marketing: Michael Fuller, Cédric Maréchal, Laurent Caffy
European Publishing: Nadège Bombeau
Special Thanks: Bender/Helper‑Impact, Big Sesh Studios, Kovel/Fuller, Grace Baca, Letty Cadena, Virginia Fout, Scott M. Johnson, Neal Robison, Suzan Rude, Ricci Rukavina, Marcus Sanford, Charles Yam, Jim Wilson, Luc Vanhal, Ken Cron, Agnes Touraine, Sarah Rico, Fabien Tislé, Zakia Lazare, Eric Chatelet

Game's ROM.