A 27-year-old Nintendo NES Cart. by Palcom Soft.

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CrackOut © 1991 Palcom

Use your reflexes to win battles on your way to figuring out the keyword. The central computer at the nerve center of Planet Selim has been infiltrated and its self-destruct system activated. The only way to stop the process is to reach the internal keyboard and enter in the correct 14-letter keyword. Each of these letters is hidden in the walls along the way. You must destroy the blocks of the computer's defense system to find out the keyboard letters and to reach the central keyboard. Your weapon in this block game is a superball. If you catch items that appear when you destroy enemies, you'll increase your power. Destroy blocks one after another to clear all the levels.


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[FR] July/August 1992 - Consoles + N.11: 82/100
[FR] July 1992 - Joypad N.10: 80/100

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