Crab Grab [Model UD-202]

The Handheld Electronic Game by Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Not emulated in MAME


[MACHINE] Handheld Electronic Game

Crab Grab © 1984 Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Crabs emerge from four differently colored columns along the bottom of the screen, and settle at the top. The objective is to avoid being in front of the crab, and to push the crabs from the bottom to prevent them from mounting on the screen. Points are earned by pushing and eliminating crabs. The game ends when the player has been bitten three times. Player movement is in all four directions (Up, Down, Left, Right). The A & B games had similar objectives, but with slightly different speeds.


Crab Grab [Model UD-202] the  Handheld Electronic Game
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Model UD-202


Released on February 21, 1984 in Japan.

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