CR Wink

A 12-year-old Pachinko by Bisty

Not emulated in MAME


CR Wink © 2006 Bisty.


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Released in September 2006 in Japan.

The machine features the members of WINK, a duo of Japanese pop idols that topped the charts in the 1980s and 1990s. Right from their debut WINK members Shoko Aida and Sachiko Suzuki charmed fans with their cute look and singing style, producing a long list of hits.

CR WINK makes full use of the duo's hit songs such as the award-winning 'Sabishii Nettaigyo (Lonely Tropical Fish)' and 'Ai ga Tomaranai (Turn It into
Love)' as well as real concert footage, recreating WINK's doll-like stage persona just as it was in their heyday. A colorful array of pre-jackpot performances featuring hit songs, the 'Encore Chance' mode in which continuous concert footage heightens players' expectations, and WINK-themed on-screen features linked to song lyrics enable players to experience all the excitement of a live concert while savoring a growing sense of anticipation.

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