CP/M Disk 8 - Assorted Utilities

Apple II 5.25 disk. published by LOGIC

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CP/M Disk 8 - Assorted Utilities © 198? LOGIC [Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers]

This disk also bears a number of useful routines: FIND will find the occurrence of a text string within a text file. MAGE can recover a Wordstar file sitting in the Apple's memory if you crashed out of WS and wish to find what you lost in memory. T will take a Wordstar text file and list it out properly. It is like the TYPE command written specifically for Wordstar text files. TELL is a small utility used to determine the nature and locations of various CP/M addresses for your system. PREPARE will reformat text files to a Wordstar format, removing extra carriage returns and resetting high bits.


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