CP/M Disk 6 - 6502 Simulator and Disassembler

Apple II 5.25 disk. published by LOGIC

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CP/M Disk 6 - 6502 Simulator and Disassembler © 198? LOGIC [Loyal Ontario Group Interested In Computers]

Note that these disks do not contain the CP/M operating system - you have to add this yourself. They work in a 56K Apple system, and many if not all in a 60K system. Several have been tried in a 64K (Premium Softcard //e) system and work properly, but not all have been thus tested. This disk allows your Apple to simulate a 6502 machine while in the Z-80 environment. As well, a disassembler for 6502 code is included. The use of these files requires the assembler on your CP/M distribution disk. Note that this disk is not for the uninitiated, but is useful to a hacker who can understand such things as BDOS and such.


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